Middle School: Week of 5/6


This week Da Sprouts worked on finishing up their geometry unit. They completed the last parts of the unit, then worked on the review for the check-in next week.

The Evershrooms focused on determining the volume of rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, and triangular pyramids. They also worked on probability and played a game involving doughnuts, which worked much like a bingo game to answer questions.

The Polar Bears completed work on surface area after finishing their robots last week.

The Mountain Lizards focused on dividing radicals, then reviewed radicals for the week. They ended the week with their last check in for the year.


This week was all about literary analysis. At the end of last week, students examined the difference between static and dynamic characters in literature. This week they analyzed characters from the novel, The Second Mrs. Gioconda, to see which ones fell into those categories.

For the final time this year, they were challenged with writing a multi paragraph essay that includes making a thesis statement and supporting it with details and quotations from the text. They are moving through the writing process–from organizing thoughts on a graphic organizer… to drafting… to editing and revising… and finally to formatting and publishing–with greater confidence, independence, and mastery. Go Delta writers!


All good things must come to an end.

This week in Theme, students completed their last assignments for their Theme notebooks, focusing on the TimeLine of events and Effects Map resulting from the Reformation in Europe. They discussed how the religious movement turned into a political grab that changed the face of the continent as nation-building became a real process, and powerful leaders took control to form their areas of influence, both in Europe and around the world.

We ended the week with an exciting visit to the Harry Ransom center and their collection of art and documents. We started our trek on the CapMetro bus from the school to the campus. Highlights from the tour included photographs from the dawn of photography, including the first permanent photograph, and paintings from the 1800s and the famous self-portrait of Frieda Kahlo.

The biggest spotlight, however, fell on the copy of the Gutenberg Bible. Published in the 15th century, the artifact is one of only five still intact in the United States. The intricate lettering, its age, and its value, made for a fascinating stop in the facility. Students had great questions for our excellent docents, who were impress both with student knowledge and conduct during our visit. Thanks so much to the parent volunteers who came along.

word image 16320 1
word image 16320 2

Theme students contemplate various events and their effects while creating a full

hallway timeline of events from the Reformation period of European history.

word image 16320 4

Delta students used public transportation to venture to the UT campus for their field trip. Many students said they had not used the bus before.

word image 16320 5

Students take in the Gutenberg Bible, one of the more famous artifacts at the Harry Ransom Center during their field trip to view art and other artifacts.

word image 16320 7
word image 16320 9

Delta students enjoy time at Pease Park after their field trip to the Harry Ransom Center, including a picture in front of the forest Troll, and the “birdcage” activity area.

word image 16320 10
word image 16320 11
word image 16320 12

Students organize thoughts on a graphic organizer and begin drafting their essays.

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word image 16320 16

Algebra students work on their check-ins on radicals.