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Grow Up With Kindness

Elementary school should be a joyful time. AHB Community School balances a supportive environment with FUN academics so students love coming to school each day. Students build a love of learning that supports them in high school and beyond.

What Sets AHB’s Elementary Program Apart

Half day kindergarten girl smiles as she works with ribbon as part of social studies.

Focus on the Whole Child

Our Elementary Program develops the whole child. Teaching academic skills is essential; but it’s only half the work. We believe academic achievement must be combined with social emotional learning. These soft skills help a child take what they know and apply it to be productive members of the community.

In 2022, 100% of AHB graduates were accepted into their first-choice high school (including LASA, Anderson IB, and Griffin). But we also help students to become fully engaged community members who are prepared to think critically, look for solutions and communicate effectively. That’s what success looks like for students at AHB!

Kids at part time elementary crowd around STEM project at table.

Critical Thinkers

Our elementary program balances skill building with project-based learning. Great care is put into scaffolding skills and challenging students where they are. Math and language arts classes are grouped on ability (rather than grade level) and include games and hands-on activities. As a result, skill building at AHB is more fun and effective.

Science and social studies incorporate project-based learning. Students apply their skills creatively while solving practical problems. If we are building a model of a village on a 8’x10’ drop cloth, how are we going to fit 18 houses? What sort of economy might our villagers create based on their geography? Our projects develop critical thinking and comprehension while inspiring a love of learning.

Two elementary kids work together on sofa.

Kind & Confident

In order for a child to fully participate in a class, they have to feel safe – safe to raise a hand, and safe to try and fail – then try again.  Our teachers have been trained in social-emotional learning and help students learn simple strategies to work through conflicts. They practice advocating for themselves and others. We build in time to reflect on how goals were met and how teams worked together.

The seeds of stewardship and advocacy are planted as we walk through our neighborhoods, plant wildlife gardens and learn about our bodies, our neighbors, our world. We want the students at our private school to be both kind and confident, and we coach them on how to achieve that balance.

Fourth grade students running outdoors during recess.

Your Time Preserved

Our micro school is a great match for families seeking a better balance between family life and school. We offer accredited core education, but we also value what happens off campus and believe children should have plenty of time for family, play and rest! At AHB, we believe you can have full-time learning at a part-time school. Families thrive when the pace of their life is relaxed!

Our part-time school offers a 4-day core week AND fewer hours in school each day. The core, instructional program runs Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 2:30 pmBefore and after school electives are available. We respect children’s natural stamina. The result is joyful students who wake up happy to go to school each morning!

I’ve tried to explain what AHB Community School has been for my kids. But the only word I can find is magic. My boys have thrived here for the past 10 years. When my son graduated 8th grade, I was overwhelmed with how powerful this experience was for him. I see it in his confidence, his goal setting, his thoughtfulness and relaxed maturity talking to adults. My dream for both boys was always that the inquisitive awe they had in learning as young children would only grow. That’s exactly what the teachers, staff and community offered.

They’re ready, so ready, for the next chapter!
– Jenny Peterson
Four middle school boys wear outfits depicting characters from the early 20th century at project based school.

AHB Elementary School Curriculum

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Grow Up With Community

Education should be modeled on child development. AHB Community School’s progressive program supports the whole child as they grow emotionally and academically. Our middle school offers a natural continuation of this process. Students enjoy more opportunities for responsibility, personal achievement, and time on campus. When education progresses organically, children thrive.