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We are a micro school in Central Austin, serving elementary and middle school students.







Balance is Key

AHB provides high academic expectations in a flexible and nurturing environment. We tackle meaningful and challenging work at a pace that makes sense for the child. Learning is approached with a spirit of fun and collaboration alongside friends!

Fourth and fifth grade children in class at an inquiry based learning school.

AHB Community School’s Unique Approach

I love AHB because of the learning style. I love how I can actually understand what I learn, and how learning with projects makes school so much more fun. Everyone is so open-minded and I don’t have to be afraid of being myself, which makes me feel happier.
Laura R., Class of 2023
Middle school girls enjoy free time at part time school.

This Week at AHB Community School

This Week in 6th/7th/8th

Math Monday Zoomshrooms studied mathematical properties they have been using since they were young: commutative, associative, identity, and inverse. They then learned a new property…

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Students take field trip at project based school.

This Week in 4th/5th

Creativity was the theme this week in Gamma Land! We made faux stained glass images to study attributes of 2D shapes, paper dolls to explore…

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Students in fourth and fifth grade enjoying project based learning.

This Week in 2nd/3rd

Math Ms. Kelly’s math group stayed extra busy this week investigating the number of faces, edges and vertices on different shapes.  They reviewed plane and…

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Student plays Oregon trail game at project based learning school.

This Week in K/1st

Larry Pranks Continue This week, Larry was on FIRE! He hid the teacher-chairs, AND, he switched all the South room tables with the North! Thank…

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Students learn about salt water and fresh water through project based learning.

This week in 6th/7th/8th

Math Monday, Zoomshrooms had a lesson on converting fractions, decimals, and percents. Tuesday and Wednesday they practiced those skills independently with a solve and color,…

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Students work on project together at table at micro school.

Discover Our Micro School

AHB is a non-religious private school that combines project-based learning with skill building in core subject areas. This means learning at AHB is fun and effective. Along with academic challenge, kids at AHB find a true sense of belonging, as our program cares for the whole child while developing community. Discover how AHB Community School can help your student thrive.