A Love of Learning Begins with Family

Partnering with Families

The connection between learning done in the classroom and learning done outside of the school day is a key aspect of each student’s educational experience at AHB. We consider each child’s education a partnership between the child, parent and teacher.

What Parents Can Expect at AHB Community School

Parent and teacher listen to student explain project at micro school.

Family Involvement

At AHB Community School, families are always welcome (and even encouraged!) to participate in their child’s learning journey. There are no drop-off lines at our micro school.

Parents conference with teachers each semester and also receive personalized quarterly reports. Twice a year, our staff hosts a Parent Support Night. Weekly newsletters keep families in the know by highlighting classroom activities and school-wide news.

Parents’ voices are an integral part of our progressive micro school community. Seven elected parents sit upon the board of directors. Administrators are easily accessible, and parents are regularly asked to participate on surveys, forums and on various open committees.

Parent makes drink at micro school fundraiser.

Community Events

The AHB school year is filled with exciting events families look forward to. Each semester, students showcase their projects and practice at Portfolios on Parade. At Winter Faire, students make and sell their own handcrafted goods.

Monthly Shipe Park days offer students a chance to have fun together as a school. Parents look forward to monthly coffee meetups and family-friendly happy hours.

Our micro school community often extends well beyond the halls and classrooms of AHB. Many of our families forge bonds of friendship that far outlast the years they spend with us.

Example of project based learning at homeschool coop.

Projects & Practice

Our flexible schedule means parents partner with teachers to support their student’s education. This gives families time to focus on areas of interest or extra time to work on skill-building.

Homework is also an essential component of student progress. The time commitment at AHB is similar to other schools, but the content is more engaging. Weekly Projects & Practice packets typically include skills practice for math and language arts, such as a math game or creative writing prompt.

Science or social studies projects are often scaffolded by the teachers into weekly components. Completed projects are returned to school and shared, so students can learn from one another’s work.

Half day kindergarten students play together on playground.

Extracurricular Learning

AHB students and their families are free to design a lifestyle around our core academic program that best suits their unique interests.

Many play sports or musical instruments. They learn cooking, take dance, art, or gymnastics. They are scouts. They attend supplemental programs around Austin such as Natureversity or Olas Spanish Immersion program. Other families enjoy long hikes or museum visits.

On campus, we offer before and after school classes in a myriad of subjects to complement our part-time school day. Middle schoolers can join the optional Friday Extension.

Two parents volunteer in garden at homeschool coop.

Service Jobs

Each family is asked to contribute to the operation of AHB Community School by contributing 20 hours of volunteer time annually.

Generally, parents sign up for their service jobs through committees: facilities, fundraising, community outreach, or school-day support. Families with limited time to give may also choose to “buy out” of their community service hours.

Asking families to participate in this way is an important part of the school culture; it keeps tuition affordable, draws our parents into the school circle, and models service for our students.

What a special place to learn for a community’s young and bright.  A school where the parents aren’t just welcomed to visit, but instead are an integral part of their child’s education.

I see a young child who attended kindergarten at a public school whom did not want ” to go to that place” is now not only excited about going to school, but is also excited about learning.  He is maturing as a curious young pupil, but equally as important as a good young citizen.
– Dan W.
Two boys inspect STEM project at progressive school.

More Time for What Matters

Everyone yearns for life balance, but children’s healthy development depends on it. At AHB Community School, core curriculum is condensed into an accredited, part-time program. Students learn math, writing, science and social studies while preserving time for playing outdoors and developing their individual interests. AHB prepares students for a full life.