Students Love Learning When They Follow Their Interests

Balancing Students Needs

AHB Community School offers a core program which provides academic and social development. But each student has individual interests and needs. AHB offers additional classes outside core hours to support further exploration.

Girls doing yoga in micro school class.

AHB Community School’s Extensions

Fourth graders at private school take painting class.

After School Classes

Many weekly classes are offered between 2:30-3:30, Monday through Thursday. Classes vary each semester and provide on-campus enrichment opportunities to students. Semester offerings are released one month in advance of the semester, and billed per class.

Most classes are taught by AHB teachers or parents and are billed by and paid directly to the school. Occasionally, we also offer classes by outside contractors. Classes taught by contractors will be clearly denoted at registration time.

Third grade student plays  tambourine in micro school class.

Spring 2024 Classes

Math Pentathlon
Creative Literacy
Kitchen Explorers
Digital Poetry Portfolios
Scratch Programming
Fairy Tale Illustrations
STEM by Idea Lab
Classical Drawing
Fourth grade boys play soccer at private school playground.

Fresh Air Fun

Fresh Air Fun is an extra hour of free play with your friends on the AHB playground. This is an opportunity for additional movement and socialization.

Supervised by staff plus parent volunteers, this option is available Monday – Thursday, 8:00am-9:00am and 2:30pm-3:30pm. You can purchase it by the day (example: every Wednesday afternoon for the semester for $150) or full time for a discounted price (4 days a week is $500 for the semester). Fresh Air Fun can also be purchased on a drop-in basis for $20 a day.

Middle school boys discuss project at micro school.

Friday Extension

By middle school, many children are looking for consistent opportunities to challenge their minds and connect with other students.

AHB Community School’s Friday Extension is offered to 6th-8th graders and runs 9a-2:30pm. AHB middle school teacher, Ms. Amanda, leads unique programming including academic competitions, guest lectures, and community service.

For younger students, several K-6 Friday enrichment programs are offered around Austin.

After School Program Pricing

Students at private middle school mix dough for project.

Individual Classes

2:30p-3:30p M-Th
Classes meet weekly
Price per class per semester
Kindergartener at part-time elementary explores outdoors.

Daily Fresh Air Fun

8a-9a and 2:30p-3:30p M-Th
Weekly session
Price per session per semester
$20 drop-ins

Progressive school students run outdoors by grassy area.

Full Time Fresh Air Fun

8a-9a and 2:30p-3:30p M-Th
Price per semester for every morning OR afternoon

Involved and Joyful Learning

Too many students lose their love of learning. At AHB Community School, we eliminated the stress-points of traditional middle school education and offer a flexible, part-time schedule. Students stay engaged and pursue passions inside and outside of school. As a result, their life feels balanced and their love of learning grows.