Why AHB Students Love Learning

Don’t Just Learn, Thrive

Students should love going to school. AHB Community School offers an accredited program without the traditional stress points. Here, students enjoy FUN academics and a sense of belonging. When children feel valued and inspired, school becomes a fun place where students love learning.

Middle school students showing enthusiasm over project.

What Sets AHB Community School Apart

Teacher chats with kids in mixed-aged class.

Love Learning

At AHB, students develop skills, creativity, and critical thinking through an accredited, project-based program. Challenge is provided in a nurturing, flexible environment, making school a happy place where children thrive.

Our strong academic program focuses on the core subjects, leaving space for life balance. Each morning, students learn math and language arts in small classes of 10-11 students. Afternoon Theme classes bring in science and social studies. We learn through individual and group work, practicing skills and applying them to creative, hands-on projects. Exposure to the arts and technology is often woven into project work, and 30 minutes of outdoor recess provide exercise and play each day.

Head of homeschool coop laughs as second grader demonstrates magnetism with science project.

Feel Valued

At AHB Community School, we know balance is key to ensuring students love learning. Our microschool prioritizes social-emotional development as highly as academic development.

Teachers use strategies like Tribes collaboration and Responsive Classroom to build confidence and healthy relationships. This learning is both planned and unplanned. There are classroom agreements, morning meetings, and lots of group work. There is also time to recognize and acknowledge feelings as they arise, and to model and coach kindness. Students are driven by curiosity, creativity, and descriptive feedback instead of grades. Their self worth rises from achievement and encouragement, and they take joy in supporting one another.

Parent walks with teacher and children at private school field day.

Belong to a Community

Because our microschool limits its size to 90 students, our students grow meaningful relationships with peers, faculty, and parents.

No drop-off lines… parents are always welcome. Teachers and admin send weekly newsletters relaying classroom progress and events. Each semester, students showcase their projects and schoolwork in a community celebration called Portfolios on Parade.

Community is further strengthened by annual traditions like Winter Faire Maker’s Market, Around the World Potluck, and the AHB Talent Show. Monthly parent coffees and Shipe Park Days keep connections strong.

Teacher assists student with project based learning at micro school.

Get Support

Students perform better when they have a strong relationship with their teacher. Elementary students spend two years with the same teachers. Middle schoolers spend three. 

Students also learn more in small classes because they receive more attention. Our classrooms allow teachers to separate into groups of 10 or 11, based on ability, for math and language arts.

AHB Community School students progress at their own pace and stay challenged. As a result, many of our middle schoolers receive high school credit for algebra and geometry.

Elementary students working together to solve puzzle.

Respect Life Balance

For students to love learning, school must be balanced with other needs. AHB Community School offers the only condensed program accredited by TAAPS, preserving time for family, personal development, and meeting friends at the park.

Our core program runs Monday through Thursday, 9am-2:30pm and provides complete math, language arts, science and social studies education. After school classes offer extracurricular enrichment. Middle schoolers can opt into the AHB Friday Extension, while elementary students looking for more to do can join one of several Friday enrichment programs offered in Austin.

I went to science fair and had some of the most fun conversations with the middle schoolers. I left feeling giddy seeing how happy those kids are to learn. Everyone I talked to was articulate, passionate and thoughtful about their project. I want to congratulate you and the teachers on jobs well done guiding these young kids and thank you all for creating this space where kids feel nurtured and respected so their brains are wide open for learning.

We’re honored to be a part of this community! 
– Catherine Albertson, Parent
Private middle school student explains science project to teacher.

Our Approach at Different Ages


Students enjoy an age-appropriate progression of challenges and responsibility. Read about AHB COMMUNITY SCHOOL ELEMENTARY


Students collaborate to shape curriculum while celebrating individual achievements. Read about AHB COMMUNITY MIDDLE SCHOOL


Love Where You Learn

At AHB Community School, students don’t have to choose between academics and emotional well-being. They feel valued and learn in a way that is stress-free and engaging while exceeding academic expectations. But a balanced life requires more. AHB gives students time for family and personal development. We’d love to meet and see how AHB Community School can help your student thrive.