K/1st: Week of Nov 13

We got our first National Park reply, now we all want to take a field trip to the Petrified Forest in Arizona! What’s Around Us?! This week we visited the Southeast Region of our continent. One of the most important feature in this area is the Appalacia Mountain range. We learned that millions of years ago these mountains were as big, if not bigger than the Himalayas. The were formed by 2 tectonic plates ramming together: Africa and North America! Second year Alphas knew right away what happened to the 29.000 foot Appalacia Mountains, and why they are only about …

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Kindergarten boy uses math cubes to learn at progressive microschool.

2nd/3rd: Week of Nov 13

Crazy Sock Day! We are so thankful for AHB and all of our families! 🥰 Math This week, Ms. Andrea’s math group exercised their mental math muscles and worked out word problems with…REGROUPING! We started off by modeling addition problems using manipulatives: tens rods and unit cubes to represent two digit numbers. We practiced trading in 10 cubes for a ten rod when warranted, and ended the week with traditional paper and pencil column practice of regrouping the 1. They keep saying, “it’s SOOO easy!!” ;) Ms. Kelly’s math group is officially finished with addition and subtraction with regrouping (don’t …

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Second grade students color Egyptian project on the floor at non-traditional school.

4th/5th: Week of Nov 13

General News Wow, this week flew by! Gammas showed incredible skill and maturity this week managing schedule changes, multiple projects, and our very first field trip! (It was fantastic!) We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! Reading/Writing Update This week we introduced a creative project illustrating the family tree and characteristics of the main characters in our book. We also read another chapter, learned more vocabulary words, and continued plugging away at typing our biography writing projects! We are looking forward to sharing our amazing, thoughtful, and well researched writing projects with you all at POP in December. The …

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Native American woman speaks to fourth and fifth graders on field trip at progressive school.

Middle School: Week of Nov 13

Math: On Wednesday we took a break from our regularly scheduled programming to practice our problem solving skills. All students worked in groups to solve clues and build a turkey out of marshmallows, toothpicks and gumdrops. During the rest of the week, Da Sprouts started their new unit on ratios and practiced using ratios to make comparisons. EverShrooms reviewed percents and worked on percent application problems. Polar Bears continued to work on their linear equation quilt. Mountain Lizards continued to practice system of equations then moved onto solving system of inequalities. ELA: At long last, Odysseus is home in Ithaca! …

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Middle school students display turkey made of candy at project based school.

K/1st: Week of Nov 6

What’s Around Us?! The Great Plains Region! The region of the Great Plains, we learned, stretched far and wide with rolling hills and oceans of grass…we added this region to our maps. The wild grasses themselves are a marvel, standing as high as six feet or more, with roots just as deep. It was the perfect place for the Tatanka (Lakota for Bison/Buffalo) to roam. We learned some of the ways of the nomadic peoples who followed the herds of Bison and how they had ceremonies before their hunts to honor the spirits of the Bison who would give their …

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Kindergartener matches vowels to images at hands on school.