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Where Students Care

Middle Schoolers often get a bad wrap. At AHB Community School we counter that narrative. Our middle school students are the pride of our program! Smart, confident and kind, these students continue to show up daily with gratitude and enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

What Sets AHB’s Middle School Program Apart

Private middle school students doing science experiment.

Student Engagement

With age comes more freedom — and responsibility. Middle school students in our micro school are active participants in their learning journey.

In Theme, we dive deep into quarterly social studies and science topics. Our middle school students help choose these topics. Research opportunities further cater to student interest. Project-based learning means there is often choice in how to demonstrate skills. Students are coached to self advocate and learn to take responsibility for their learning. This level of engagement prepares our students not only for the high school of their choice, but also for a lifetime of learning.

Example of project based learning at homeschool coop.

Rigor without Stress

AHB middle schoolers meet high academic expectations in a flexible, nurturing environment. Our small class sizes and progressive model challenge students without the pressure of high stakes grades or testing.

Students build confidence through genuine achievement. Skill building in math, reading and writing aligns with TEKS objectives. Theme studies weave science and social studies through the curriculum. Students work both independently and in small groups on inquiry-based projects. These projects challenge them to think critically and creatively. We aim to ask questions and solve problems — skills that bring success in high school and beyond.

Four middle school students discuss reading at table.

A Place of Belonging

The school community is a cornerstone in any child’s life. At AHB, we work hard to make our micro school a happy place where even our oldest students find a great sense of pride and belonging.

We do this this by prioritizing social-emotional needs and actively building community. This takes time. Our small class sizes and flexible program allows teachers to slow down and do this important work. Kindness, respect, and inclusion are actively coached as the campus norms. Group projects teach students to work together. Academic achievements and presentations build confidence. Curriculum that connects to the wider world boosts compassion. Our students leave us prepared for a life of community engagement!

Students work on science project outdoors at table.

A Full Life

There’s more to life than school and work. At AHB, we want our students to have a full lives. This requires balance.

AHB middle schoolers work hard, but also have plenty of time for friends, family, rest . . . and play! Our part time schedule means a 4-day core week AND fewer hours in school each day. The core, instructional program runs Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 2:30 pm.  Middle Schoolers also have an optional Friday Extension and before and after school classes. Our schedule covers the core academic classes and allows plenty of time to pursue hobbies outside of school. All this without packed schedules or family burnout! The result is joyful students who retain their enthusiasm for school and learning!

AHB Middle School Curriculum

This Week in Middle School at AHB


What Education Can Be

Teachers can make or break one’s educational experience. At AHB Community School, we prioritize emotional development as highly as academics, and we find teachers who feel the same way. Rather than teaching to tests, AHB’s small class sizes and progressive curriculum allow teachers to craft a positive learning experience. When teachers love teaching, students thrive.