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AHB is a nonprofit private school governed by a volunteer board of directors. Our Board is comprised of 7 parents elected by the community to two-year terms, 2 teacher representatives, and one appointed member. The Board articulates goals for the school in alignment with its mission and bylaws, which are enacted by the community. The board seeks community input via surveys and forums and with the help of parent and teacher liaisons.

AHB Community School board member presenting with the head of school.

Voting Members

AHB Community School Board Member Cara Houshmand portrait.

Cara H.

AHB parent since 2017
Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chair

“AHB nurtures the creative spirit, encourages a real love of learning, while also being academically rigorous.”

Jessica Perry

Jessica P.

AHB parent since 2021
Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

“AHB magically melds the benefits of home and classroom education.”

Mina Lehmann

Mina L.

AHB parent since 2018

“AHB’s sense of community, strong academics, flexibility, and nurturance comfort the mother in me and inspire the student of human potential in me.”

Headshot of AHB Community School board member, Dallas Dickinson.

Dallas D.

AHB Parent since 2014

“I love being part of a community that values emotional education as highly as it does academic achievement.”

dilum p2 150x150

Dilum R.

AHB parent since 2010

“When we move away from rudimentary grades and towards true learning, we open wonderful opportunities.

Board member Fabiana Roller

Fabiana R.

AHB parent since 2020

“Ours is a school like no other, where students are valued for their individuality and receive the attention they need to thrive.”

AHB Community School 2nd grade teacher, Kelly Larson

Ms. Kelly

AHB faculty since 2010

“Teachers at AHB aren’t just here to teach, but are in a continuous process of learning too. Not only are we instilling a love of learning, but our goal is to inspire and be inspired.”

AHB Community School 8th grade teacher, Amanda Simpson

Ms. Amanda

AHB faculty since 2020

“I’m thankful to be part of a community that values teachers.”

Non-Voting Members

AHB Community School Head of School, Shari Vars

Ms. Shari

Head of School
AHB parent since 2014

“I love how the nurturing environment at AHB supports creativity and curiosity alongside academic rigor.”

AHB Community School Associate Director, Alexa Corbett

Ms. Alexa

Associate Director
AHB parent since 2013

“I find great value in collaborative learning and the work/life balance that AHB offers my family.”

Lindsey Pearlstein

Lindsey P.

Former AHB Teacher

“I was looking for a place to teach that allowed teacher autonomy and whose values aligned with my own.”


Join a Micro School Community

In a city as big as Austin, Texas, it can be challenging to find a sense of community. AHB offers a micro school with a progressive program which attracts caring, open-minded families. Limiting the size to 90 students ensures everyone knows your name, and including parents in decisions and responsibilities creates a sense of belonging. With fun traditions and frequent social opportunities, AHB families enjoy community in a big city.