4th/5th: Week of Nov 13

General News Wow, this week flew by! Gammas showed incredible skill and maturity this week managing schedule changes, multiple projects, and our very first field trip! (It was fantastic!) We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! Reading/Writing Update This week we introduced a creative project illustrating the family tree and characteristics of the main characters in our book. We also read another chapter, learned more vocabulary words, and continued plugging away at typing our biography writing projects! We are looking forward to sharing our amazing, thoughtful, and well researched writing projects with you all at POP in December. The …

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Native American woman speaks to fourth and fifth graders on field trip at progressive school.

4th/5th: Week of Nov 6

General News Next Wednesday (November 15th) we’ll be taking a short field trip to the library to see a guest speaker (an indigenous storyteller at the Windsor Park branch location.) Thank you to our parent chaperones! (It’s a simple event but we sent a planning document to everyone who reached out to transport kiddos. Thank you!) We’ll depart AHB around 10:30. If weather permits, we’ll plan to eat picnic-style outside after the storytelling and return to school around 12:45. Reading/Writing Update This week we worked hard on wrapping up drafting our biographies in our notebooks and some Gammas got started …

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Fourth grade student practices fractions with cooking at progressive school.

4th/5th: Week of Oct 30

General News We had so much fun on Halloween it was downright spooky. 😁Kids participated in an “Escape the Zombie Apocalypse” math activity and a “Show Not Tell” scary story writing activity in language arts. In the afternoon, we conducted a “Dissolving Candy Corns” lab and a “Build Your Own Catapult” for candy pumpkins. The Gammas did an excellent job throughout the entire crazy day! It happens that the Austin Public library is hosting a whole bunch of very cool speakers/activities at various branches around town to celebrate indigenous cultures of the Americas. Ms. Ansley and Ms. Lorrie will be …

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Two fifth grade girls work together at micro school.

4th/5th: Week of Oct 23

General News Mother Nature wanted us to spend lots of time inside this week, but we enjoyed ourselves in spite of some schedule disruption. Next week, Gammas are welcome to come to school in costume on Halloween. (Be sure not to wear anything too scary for our Alphas!) We planned a host of fun activities: candy pumpkin catapults, dissolving candy corn lab and Halloween-inspired coordinate graphing. It should be a really fun day at school, and rain can’t stop that! Reading/Writing Update Biography writing research got into a great flow this week! We spent more time finishing our bullet pointed …

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Fifth grade girls sit together on sofa at social emotional learning school.

4th/5th: Week of Oct 16

Reading/Writing Update This week we got busy with researching for our biography writing projects! Gammas chose their topic (person) and were provided with printed information about them to peruse and highlight. Some Gammas realized that people they were interested in are very private (the creator of Fortnite) and therefore might not make for a compelling essay. Other Gammas realized that sports figures in particular have a lot of tedious information about their sports careers to wade through. All in all, this has been a great lesson in how to digest information and think about the reader you are writing for! …

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