4th/5th: Week of 5/6

General News We are entering into one of the most magical times of year – POP! We will spend next week finishing projects, collaborating on committees, and turning our room into an interactive space to show off what we’ve been learning for the past two quarters! Note that P&P will be optional next week so that kids can focus on project wrap-up at home in a stress-free way if they are still tying up loose ends for any POP projects. Ms. Lorrie’s brother came to deliver our Nok sculptures this week and we can’t wait for you to see the […]

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Fourth grade student works on math at table at private elementary school in Austin.

4th/5th: Week of 4/29

General News Reading/Writing Update ELA got super crafty this week! We started the week off with our usual reading of a new Onyeka chapter together and had a discussion of the study guide from last week while also reviewing what is coming up this week. For the rest of the week we got busy finishing our Nigerian food menus and creating some artistic renderings of real Nigerian dishes! We had a lot of fun making Jollof Rice, Puff Puff, Zobo, Akara, Moi Moi, and much much more out of craft supplies in the classroom. We look forward to “serving” you

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Fifth grade student works with teacher at private elementary school with small classes.

4th/5th: Week of 4/22

General News Reading/Writing Update This week in ELA we explored present-day Nigerian culture in depth. After reviewing our study guide, reading chapter 17 together in class, and having our Monday discussion we moved on to learning all about Pidgin English. We learned the definition of dialect (an accent or language specific to a group of people or region) and watched two videos about Pidgin and Cockney – two dialects mentioned in the book – and explored the history of Pidgin English in Africa. The BBC has a section of their website written entirely in Pidgin and we had the chance

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Fourth grade students work together on math project at STEM school.

4th/5th: Week of Apr 15

General News Reading/Writing Update We started the week off with a review of last weeks study guide again and read chapter 13 together. We had an interesting discussion about what Onyeka needs to do to learn to control her Ike that is different from what she has been doing most of her life; she needs to release, feel, and anchor her emotions instead of repress them! We also practiced summarizing events using first, next, then, last with some major events in the chapter. On Tuesday we revisited our super powers project by writing about our Academy of the Sun house

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Math teacher sits on floor at micro school in Austin.

4th/5th: Week of Apr 8

General News Reading/Writing Update We started the week off on Tuesday using our P&P to fuel discussion about our class novel! We then read one more article about the CROWN act and black hair discrimination in Texas before launching into writing some quick opinion pieces on the topic. This round of opinion writing was quicker because Ms. Ansley did the research (ā la pulling and sharing articles on the topic) and Gammas jumped into drafting on laptops right away. We tried to get these done in just three days and made pretty good progress! On Thursday we did a sorting

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African art that fourth grade students made displayed at project based school.