2nd/3rd: Week of Nov 13

Crazy Sock Day! We are so thankful for AHB and all of our families! 🥰 Math This week, Ms. Andrea’s math group exercised their mental math muscles and worked out word problems with…REGROUPING! We started off by modeling addition problems using manipulatives: tens rods and unit cubes to represent two digit numbers. We practiced trading in 10 cubes for a ten rod when warranted, and ended the week with traditional paper and pencil column practice of regrouping the 1. They keep saying, “it’s SOOO easy!!” ;) Ms. Kelly’s math group is officially finished with addition and subtraction with regrouping (don’t …

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Second grade students color Egyptian project on the floor at non-traditional school.

2nd/3rd: Week of Nov 6

Math This week, Ms. Andrea’s math group wrapped up Unit 3 with some tricky word problems. They ran the gamut – some had three addends, others had two steps to solving. The problem that challenged us most had an unknown start. To solve, first we created a subtraction sentence with a missing “big daddy,” then we turned it into an addition problem to solve! The crew ROCKED their unit assessment and previewed their next unit with a pre-assessment. We are so excited to finally learn how to regroup! At the end of the week we launched Unit 4 by practicing …

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Four third grade girls smile as they present their project at part time school.

2nd/3rd: Week of Oct 30

Math This week, Ms. Andrea’s math group looked at relationships between numbers within a number family. We played with the part/part/whole model and created several addition and subtraction number sentences. We also solved for missing addends and practiced finding differences using number lines. This week we worked a lot with story problems, aka word problems. The Beta’s are getting really good at finding known numbers, determining what they’re missing (whether it’s a part or the “big daddy”) and creating a number sentence to solve. At the end of the week we threw in some more practice using strategies to find …

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Two third graders show off group work at progressive elementary school.

2nd/3rd: Week of Oct 23

Math This week, Ms. Andrea’s math group dove into the “meat and potatoes” of 2nd grade math – addition and subtraction! We reviewed addition strategies and practiced several subtraction strategies. We spent the most time with Make a 10 since our place value knowledge base makes it a very friendly number for our brains to work with. We also discussed equations and the meaning of the equals sign. We practiced balancing both sides of an equation. We closed out the week solving lots of word problems. We practiced reading them, identifying known & unknown parts, plus building and solving number …

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Second grade girls hold word cards while learning language at private school.

2nd/3rd: Week of Oct 16

Math This week, Ms. Andrea’s math group dove into Unit 3! We’re going to focus on addition and subtraction through the end of the year, highlighting and practicing strategies as we go! This week we practiced “making a ten.” By the end of the week, we were attempting this feat using mental math. Ms. Kelly’s math group reviewed and practiced adding two 3 digit numbers on a number line as well as using the standard algorithm. We added a Math Power Journal this week to squeeze in just a little more challenge for those few extra minutes we have left …

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