2nd/3rd: Week of 5/6

Math – Ms. Andrea’s math group began the week by analyzing and then creating our own bar and pictographs. We finished the week with 2 assessments – our graphing unit test and (part 1 of) a comprehensive that covers the scope of the entire year. They worked so hard!! Ms. Kelly’s math group started the week off with a fraction review- game style- before tackling new challenges with the exciting equivalent fractions concept! We began by comparing models, which gives a wonderful, very concrete visual, then created and plotted equivalent fractions on number lines. Literacy – In writing the Betas […]

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Teacher sits with third grader at private school with small classes.

2nd/3rd: Week of 4/29

Math – Ms. Andrea’s math group launched our graphing unit by making a T chart of our favorite weekend day, and then used our data to create a bar graph. We learned that scientists use graphs to organize information and learned vocabulary for parts of a graph. We also graphed: land animals vs sea animals, monthly Texas weather trends and numbers (< or > 1,000). The Beta 1s practiced reading bar graphs and pictographs and answering questions about their data. So many graphs!! Later in the week we took a look at some survey questions. We answered one about after

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Second grade student writes while laying on rug at progressive school.

2nd/3rd: Week of 4/22

Math – Ms. Andrea’s math group counted piggy banks and compared collections of coins, solved money word problems, practiced balancing scales with coins and learned a new math game called “Scoop & Graph”. On Thursday they took their money unit test (ROCKED IT) and graphing pre-test. All gears are in motion to finish the year off strong! Ms. Kelly’s math group explored how to represent fractions on a number line by reviewing dividing a whole, like a circle or rectangle, into equal parts and selecting a fraction. Then, we applied this concept to a number line, dividing the interval between

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Third grader dressed at knight at private school in Austin.

2nd/3rd: Week of Apr 15

Math – Ms. Andrea’s math group was formally introduced to our final coin: the half dollar. We practiced identifying and counting them, along with other coins. We learned several new money math games and had a couple of game days – always a hit! In between there was a lively discussion about spending vs saving and giving to charity. Midweek, our math minds went to work solving coin riddles and money word problems. We also made a simple bar graph showing the types of shoes we were wearing and used our data to draw conclusions about the most & least

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Second graders lay in reading corner at part time school.

2nd/3rd: Week of Apr 8

Math – Ms. Andrea’s math group inspected quarters this week! We found the tails side to be very interesting – we found ones that honor states, a national park, and other interesting places. The Betas are getting pretty great at counting mixed coins. We also discussed spending and wants vs needs. We split into groups and solved several scenarios involving budgets, needs and wants. The Betas did a great job of cooperating, listening to each other and sharing the group responsibilities. Ms. Kelly’s math group kept plugging away at finding area and perimeter for those pesky rectilinear shapes with missing

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Third grade students proudly show off work at GT school.