Our Mission Begins With a Love of Learning

Our Mission

To offer a community where students love learning, teachers love teaching, and families thrive.

Two teachers lead class discussion while student smiles.

Our Core Values

We take care of the whole child

providing an academically rigorous program in a nurturing and supportive environment.

We cultivate creativity and critical thinking

through our thematically-integrated, hands-on curriculum.

We foster teacher engagement

by maintaining a low student-teacher ratio in a culture of support and collaboration that values teacher autonomy.

We preserve life balance

by offering a condensed schedule and encouraging family participation in the educational journey.

We value community,

emphasizing kindness and respect with one another while learning to understand our responsibility as global citizens in a diverse world.

Student at homeschool coop learning outdoors.
The AHB mission is all about balance. We believe education is a shared responsibility. We want each member of our community to feel enthusiasm for the learning process, ownership over the educational journey, and a deep connection to our school. By supporting one another, we help our students find success.
Shari Vars – Head of School
AHB Community School Head of School, Shari Vars

Our Vision

To preserve our students’ natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning while fostering kind, confident, critical thinkers who are prepared for a life of learning and community engagement.

Our Mission In Action

How a Micro School Becomes a Community

Students + Teachers + Families

Our mission reflects one of the unique balancing acts that make AHB so magical. It is a community that, while coming together under the shared vision of doing right by the students, strives to value ALL our community stakeholders: students, teachers and families. It’s one more way to teach our students that they are part of something bigger than themselves!

By honoring all parts of the system, we build a better school. Our campus is filled not only with happy kids, but also teachers excited to be learning alongside their students who smile and laugh their way through the days, and families who consider the school community a place of belonging for themselves as well as their children. At AHB, we take care of each other!

This interconnectedness is the heart of our community: students who love learning, teachers who love teaching, and families who thrive. At AHB, we are all part of the learning journey.

Teacher helping students with nature project.

Love Where You Learn

Kids should enjoy the school they attend. At AHB Community School, our mission is clear: every decision must support our students’ love of learning. That’s why we reject long hours and busy work and value small class sizes, project-based learning, and collaboration. When students feel interested and valued, they love where they learn.