Middle School

Middle School: Week of 5/6

Math: This week Da Sprouts worked on finishing up their geometry unit. They completed the last parts of the unit, then worked on the review for the check-in next week. The Evershrooms focused on determining the volume of rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, and triangular pyramids. They also worked on probability and played a game involving doughnuts, which worked much like a bingo game to answer questions. The Polar Bears completed work on surface area after finishing their robots last week. The Mountain Lizards focused on dividing radicals, then reviewed radicals for the week. They ended the week with their last […]

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Middle school students visit Gutenberg bible on field trip at progressive private school.

Middle School: Week of 4/29

Math: Da Sprouts and Evershrooms worked all week to prepare for their check ins. Polar Bears dove into volume of cones, cylinders, and spheres. Mountain Lizards started their unit on radicals. ELA: We jumped into the week with a quick write and discussion about the quote, “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugliness is through and through.” Students connected this thought to a pair of sisters in our novel, The Second Mrs. Gioconda, and to the wider world. We held our final book club for the novel and had an AHA! moment when finally we figured out who the second

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Middle school students work together at micro school.

Middle School: Week of 4/22

Math: Da Sprouts each worked at their own pace to finish 3 activities. First was a booklet that used their knowledge of finding area of rectangles to figure out how to find the area of triangles, parallelograms, and trapezoids. Second and a solve and color practicing how to find the area of triangles. The third was a spin to win activity practicing how to find the area of quadrilaterals. Evershrooms took a check in over surface area on Monday, then continued on to their new unit over volume. Tuesday they had lessons over finding the volume of rectangular and triangular

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Middle schooler recreates Renaissance art at project based school.

Middle School: Week of Apr 15

Math: Monday, Da Sprouts solved a puzzle and a cut and paste matching exercise as final practice with solving inequalities. On Tuesday they completed the unit with a check in. Wednesday we moved into the geometry unit with a lesson teaching that every triangle’s angles add to 180 degrees. Finally Thursday, they started exploring area and how area of a rectangle can be used to find the area of triangles and parallelograms. Evershrooms finally got back to their robots and finished them this week. Polar Bears Started their surface area unit by learning the formula for finding the surface area

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Four students hold ball to learn about physics and STEM middle school in Austin.

Middle School: Week of Apr 8

Math: Thank you to Ms. Christa who subbed for me on Tuesday and helped students with the Stock Market Game and logic problems. There was no math Wednesday or Thursday to make way for our yearly IOWA assessments. We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week! ELA: Students (and teachers) returned to school Tuesday morning excited to talk about the eclipse! At the beginning of the school day, they interviewed classmates about their eclipse experiences: Where did you watch? Who were you with? What interesting observations did you make? They recorded answers on a graphic organizer, but

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Middle school student holds writing assignment at private middle school.