Middle School

Middle School: Week of Nov 13

Math: On Wednesday we took a break from our regularly scheduled programming to practice our problem solving skills. All students worked in groups to solve clues and build a turkey out of marshmallows, toothpicks and gumdrops. During the rest of the week, Da Sprouts started their new unit on ratios and practiced using ratios to make comparisons. EverShrooms reviewed percents and worked on percent application problems. Polar Bears continued to work on their linear equation quilt. Mountain Lizards continued to practice system of equations then moved onto solving system of inequalities. ELA: At long last, Odysseus is home in Ithaca! …

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Middle school students display turkey made of candy at project based school.

Middle School: Week of Nov 6

Math: Da Sprouts spent Monday and Tuesday in two groups creating a theme park on Mount Olympus in order to practice integer operations. Wednesday they completed a review to prepare for the check-in they took Thursday. EverShrooms read If You Hopped Like a Frog by David M Schwartz as a class at the beginning of the week, then used the ratios at the end of the book to solve proportions. One student calculated if she had a tongue like a chameleon it would be the length of 3 iPads. On Wednesday they had a lesson on Unit Rates. They ended …

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Two middle schoolers laugh while presenting at project based school.

Middle School: Week of Oct 30

Math: This week Da Sprouts added and subtracted integers using the algorithm, then they switched gears to multiplying and dividing integers. They practiced multiplying and dividing integers using both models and with algorithms. The EverShrooms practiced application inequality problems on Monday. On Tuesday everyone was finally back in class just in time to take a check-in. Even with absences, everyone did a great job! Wednesday and Thursday EverShrooms started their new proportions unit by learning how to cross multiply. Polar Bears practiced writing linear equations, completing tables for linear equations, graphing linear equations, and giving verbal descriptions of linear equations …

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Teacher takes selfie with middle schoolers dressed in halloween costumes at private school.

Middle School: Week of Oct 23

Math: On Monday Da Sprouts each wrote an integer subtraction problem and created a poster to model the equation using counters. After a week of learning how to model integer addition and subtraction, they started learning the algorithm to add integers. They practiced integer addition using whichever method they wanted (counters, number lines, or the algorithm) on Wednesday. EverShrooms practiced writing inequalities on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday we were down to only two EverShrooms, so they worked on reviewing the inequalities unit. Thursday, Da Sprouts and EverShrooms had a Stock Market Game lesson on diversification and then applied that strategy …

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Middle Schoolers get outdoors and put hands on street at project based school.

Middle School: Week of Oct 16

Math: Da Sprouts started their new unit over integer operations. Tuesday they learned how to add integers using counters and a number line. Wednesday they did the same thing but subtraction. Thursday they made necklaces that represented integer addition problems where their answer was their age! EverShrooms were introduced to inequalities on Tuesday and extended to solving two step inequalities on Wednesday. On Thursday they continued practicing solving inequalities with a solve and color. Polar Bears learned the definition of a function and how to identify functions on Tuesday. Wednesday they then studied slope. Thursday they used two points to …

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Middle school student lays on paper to be traced for Pompeii project.