This Week in 4th/5th

Reading/Writing Update This week in writing we had a lot of fun going on poetry scavenger hunts! We reviewed all the elements of poetry we’ve learned about so far: metaphor, simile, repetition, alliteration, personification, rhyme, and onomatopoeia. Gammas looked through all of our poetry books and took notes on the elements they found. They then made invoices for Ms. Ansley and earned beaucoup gamma bucks! Each poetry element was worth 5 dollars a pop. We also talked about A Single Shard this week. We discussed the meaning of the title and how the ending of the book, while very sad, …

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This Week In K/1st

Thank you ALL for such a special Teacher Appreciation Week! BEST BOUQUETS EVER!!!! We LOVE our new totes (and all that was in them) and LUNCH was not only delicious, but soooo relaxing; what a wonderful treat! THANK YOU!!! What’s Above Us this week… This week the Alphas learned more about our star. Because of you awesome parents out there – they already knew A LOT! Alphas were shocked to learn that the sun contains 99% of the matter in our solar system. This led to a discussion on matter (we reviewed the 3 states of matter from our study …

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Girl holding project at school.

This Week in 4th/5th

Creativity was the theme this week in Gamma Land! We made faux stained glass images to study attributes of 2D shapes, paper dolls to explore character traits in our fiction stories, and built function machines out of cardboard and pipe cleaners. It was messy but lots of fun! Math As mentioned, in math we did a lot of creation this week in both groups! Year 1 kiddos applied attributes of 2D shapes to craft “stained glass” windows out of laminated tissue paper and electrical tape. We started with scale drawings of the ‘plan’ and kids could choose whether they wanted …

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Students in fourth and fifth grade enjoying project based learning.

This Week in 2nd/3rd

Math Ms. Kelly’s math group stayed extra busy this week investigating the number of faces, edges and vertices on different shapes.  They reviewed plane and solid shapes to keep things fresh! These Betas LOVE playing games against the teacher so this week they played a version that required them to get 5 in a row by matching the number of faces with the solid shape…Students won!!🏆 Since these kiddos were in a competitive mood they also played “Beanstick Challenge”. They were given a sum and needed to figure out what bean sticks were needed to make that sum – sounds …

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Student plays Oregon trail game at project based learning school.

This Week in 4th/5th

Update It was a short week due to Monday’s MLK, Jr. holiday. We jumped right back in where we left off last week: circulatory system activities, long division, and spelling. Many of these tasks were new/challenging and we are really proud of the resilience Gammas displayed throughout the week and across all content areas. Memorable Moments The Gammas are spearheading an effort to support our campus-wide community project: a drive to support our weekly food pantry with personal hygiene items and pet food. You will receive more details about this drive next week, but the Gammas have put great creative …

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Students at micro school in multiple photos doing math and ELA.