2nd/3rd: Week of 5/13

Visiting a castle in Texas?? Why, yes! Our little knights really enjoyed exploring, and battling, in a real life castle! Thank you parents for driving and spending the day with us at Newman’s Castle! Our feast on Wednesday was a huge success (thank you again parents!) Feasting was a very important part of medieval life for Kings in medieval times. It was a way for them to lift their own spirits and the people around them. Feasts were commonly a gathering of kings’ or nobles’ family and friends in which an abundant supply of the finest foods and drinks were […]

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Second grade students visit castle as part of Medieval study at project based school.

4th/5th: Week of 5/6

General News We are entering into one of the most magical times of year – POP! We will spend next week finishing projects, collaborating on committees, and turning our room into an interactive space to show off what we’ve been learning for the past two quarters! Note that P&P will be optional next week so that kids can focus on project wrap-up at home in a stress-free way if they are still tying up loose ends for any POP projects. Ms. Lorrie’s brother came to deliver our Nok sculptures this week and we can’t wait for you to see the

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Fourth grade student works on math at table at private elementary school in Austin.

2nd/3rd: Week of 5/6

Math – Ms. Andrea’s math group began the week by analyzing and then creating our own bar and pictographs. We finished the week with 2 assessments – our graphing unit test and (part 1 of) a comprehensive that covers the scope of the entire year. They worked so hard!! Ms. Kelly’s math group started the week off with a fraction review- game style- before tackling new challenges with the exciting equivalent fractions concept! We began by comparing models, which gives a wonderful, very concrete visual, then created and plotted equivalent fractions on number lines. Literacy – In writing the Betas

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Teacher sits with third grader at private school with small classes.

K/1st: Week of 5/6

What a beautiful way to begin Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank You, Alphas! Around the World in 60 Days… This week we traveled to the “land down under!” Alphas learned that Australia is not only a continent, it is a country! It is also an island. We mapped its climatic features and figured that water might be a very important resource for people living there, because so much of the continent is desert. Alphas already knew some special creatures that call Australia “home,” but we learned why Australia is home to SO many unusual ones! It turns out that back when

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Kindergarten students work on projects at STEM school.

K/1st: Week of 4/29

This week in Alpha… Peas in a pod (thanks Ms. Andrea for capturing this pic)! Around the World in 60 Days… We traveled to Asia, Earth’s largest continent, this week. We found the oldest and deepest lake (lake Bikhal in Russia), the highest mountain Sagamatha or Mt. Everest, the Gobi desert with its last herd of wild bactrian camels, and a sea that has not a living plant or animal and 10x the amount of salt in the ocean – the Dead Sea – all unique to Asia. And that 4.75 billion people live on the continent. That’s 4 billion

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Kindergarten student reads book to class at GT school.