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At AHB, we do more than simply educate students. We offer a program students love. But students only thrive when they feel understood and motivated by classrooms filled with positivity and connection. We find caring, enthusiastic faculty members with experience developing critical thinking and fostering social emotional development. Then, we support our teachers so they love teaching at AHB.

7th grade teacher socializing with middle school students.

Administrative Team

AHB Community School Head of School, Shari Vars

Shari Vars

B.A. English & Education, Vanderbilt
15 Years Experience
8 Years at AHB

“I believe school shouldn’t be a grind.”

AHB Community School Associate Director, Alexa Corbett

Alexa Corbett

M.A. Education, UMD
B.A. German, UT
11 Years Experience
7 Years at AHB

“When children are seen and heard, they experience the confidence to explore and learn.”

Alpha Teachers (Kindergarten-1st Grade)

AHB Community School kindergarten teacher, Kim Longacre

Kim Longacre

B.A. English, UT
26 Years Experience
14 Years at AHB

“My students and I enjoy singing, creating, and building our amazing Alpha community.”

Eliza Waugh

Eliza Waugh

B.A. English & Fine Arts, UA
20 Years Experience
14 Years at AHB

“I believe inquiry based learning and hands-on exploration is key for students to discover the world we live in”

Beta Teachers (2nd-3rd Grade)

AHB Community School 2nd grade teacher, Kelly Larson

Kelly Larson

M.A. Education, UNH
B.A. Education, Albion College
19 Years Experience
12 Years at AHB

“I enjoy taking children on a path of wonder and excitement.”

AHB Community School first grade teacher, Andrea Pawlonek.

Andrea Pawlonek

M.A. Education, USF
B.A. Mass Comm., UC Berkeley
7 Years Experience

I value cooperation, inquiry, and a love of learning.”

Gamma Teachers (4th-5th Grade)

AHB Community School 3rd grade teacher, Ansley Thomas

Ansley Thomas

M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, UT
B.A. Elementary Ed., Warren Wilson
12 Years Experience
4 Years at AHB

“I think highly effective teachers approach their work as a craft.”

AHB Community School 4th grade teacher, Lorrie Salome

Lorrie Salome

M.Ed. Instructional Technologies, UT
B.S. Advertising, UT
22 Years Experience

“I relish the chance to keep kids engaged in the present moment.”

Middle School Teachers (6th -8th Grade)

AHB Community School 6th grade teacher, Kandyce Weaver

Kandyce Weaver

B.A. Education, OSU
29 Years Experience
5 Years at AHB

“I strive to connect classroom studies to the bigger world.”

AHB Community School 8th grade teacher, Amanda Simpson

Amanda Simpson

M.S. Mathematics, TAMUCT
B.S. Mathematics, TAMUCT
8 Years Experience
4 Years at AHB

“I believe anyone can learn given quality instruction and a sprinkle of curiosity.”

AHB Community School 7th grade teacher, Steve Traynor

Steve Traynor

B.A. Journalism, KU
22 Years Experience

“I believe all students can learn and achieve at high levels.”

Support Staff

Anne Rowes

Anne Rowes

M.L.S. Dispute Resolution, UMass Boston
B.A. Government, Texas Woman’s
10 Years Experience

“I celebrate kindness and champion family/school balance.

AHB Community School board member Christa Spraggins

Christa Spraggins

B.B.A. Management Information Systems, UTSA
11 Years Experience

“I want our families and staff to feel supported and connected.

AHB Community School Music Teacher, Emily Guerrero

Emily Guerrero

M.Ed. Literacy Instruction, Concordia
B.A. Philosophy, UT
22 Years Experience

“If children leave my class knowing that they are valued and loved, the rest is just gravy.

I continue to be surprised by the talents of the teachers. Our son who expressed little interest in math is discovering new hidden talents in areas we did not know because his teachers take the time and use math games and creative math exploration to develop and uncover his natural talents. 
– Parent
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A History of Balance

In 2004, AHB (Austin Home Base) opened as a homeschool coop. Today, AHB Community School offers a complete, accredited program which continues to preserve time for family. Our micro school remains limited to 90 students to ensure we always offer small classes and the attention, flexibility and connections which support students’ love of learning.