K/1st: Week of Sept 25

As Ms. Eliza and Ms. Kim careen towards the end of our first quarter, this week’s newsletter will be more of a visual re-cap of the week!

Travel Buddies!!!!

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What’s Inside Alphas THIS WEEK!

Our Digestive System!

PLUS: A Visit from the Delta Class!

Digestion is about BREAKING food down – and it all begins in the MOUTH!

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Alphas made observations of all they saw in their mouths…

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The tongue is might muscle; try to talk without it!

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Flossing not only rids your teeth of plaque and bacteria, it EXERCISES your gums!

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Saliva is mostly water, but it has helpful enzymes that help break food down so we can begin absorbing starches.

We swallow and our food breaks down further in our stomachs!

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Powerful acids help break proteins down so we can absorb them and our fabulous liver manufactures BILE to help us break down fat right before it heads to the small intestine!

In the mouth, teeth pound food, saliva liquifies…

The stomach mashes and grinds…

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The 19 foot intestine breaks down the last bit of food searching for nutrients and absorbing fat…

The large intestine creates vitamins in a chemical reaction with good bacteria – then gets rid of the waste!

The kidneys are blood cleaners for all the liquids in our body

Alphas toast another great day after a “kidney-filtering-demo!”

Shipe Park was a BLAST!

Big thanks to all of you who were able to walk with us, we really appreciate it.

Our Post-park tradition is to take a nice rest by listening to stories on records. This quarter we received an added surprise by a visit from the Delta class. They came down to share fictional stories they had written about the life cycle of a rock!

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Shipe Park – big walk, big play, big fun…big wipe-out!

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It is so fun to watch our former Alpha students grow up!

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Harlow’s rock: Timothy

This week in Math…

Ms. Kim’s Group…

Handwriting, conferences with students, explored odd and even numbers!

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Ms. Eliza’s Group…

We have been discussing different ways to write numbers…written (the word), digits (numeral form), base 10 (drawn), and expanded (breaking the number into an equation).

We worked with partners to match some of these forms together. We’ve also been working on addition facts.

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This week in Language Arts…

Ms. Eliza’s Group…

Every week we’ve been learning how to write or improve on writing alphabet letters. This week we focused on O and B. We also learned we can turn alphabet letters into animals! In Writer’s Workshop we are writing My Book About Me. Some of us are practicing writing by copying words, others are sounding words out by letters we know. It’s all part of the expression of writing. The favorite read-aloud and character study this week was Thumbelina – a girl only the size of our thumb surely captured our imaginations.

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I am fighting I am playing basketball

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Finishing what’s in our Big Green Pocketbook

Ms. Kim’s Group…

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We all pitched in to write this Halloween Headless Horseman story before attempting out own. We used a formula to help us establish character, setting, and what someone has, then what they lost, how they find it, and how things end.

We used our observation skills to list observations in our Picture of the Day…

We did word-work…

We read…

Morning Activities…

STEAM Project:

We explored building something out of cups and craft sticks!

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Cooking with the Red Table!

We nourished our digestive systems with Yogurt Banana Bread!

Yogurt contains the good bacteria our lower intestine needs in order to make important vitamins.

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Where but AHB do you see a student carting around a toilet seat in the name of science?