Middle School: Week of Oct 16


Da Sprouts started their new unit over integer operations. Tuesday they learned how to add integers using counters and a number line. Wednesday they did the same thing but subtraction. Thursday they made necklaces that represented integer addition problems where their answer was their age!

EverShrooms were introduced to inequalities on Tuesday and extended to solving two step inequalities on Wednesday. On Thursday they continued practicing solving inequalities with a solve and color.

Polar Bears learned the definition of a function and how to identify functions on Tuesday. Wednesday they then studied slope. Thursday they used two points to find slopes.

Mountain Lizards similarly learned how to identify slopes of linear functions, then continued on to learn the slope-intercept form and standard form of linear functions. At the end of the week they learned how to graph linear functions in both slope-intercept form and standard form.


A new quarter means an exciting new literature journey! In this particular case it is the journey of Odysseus. The Iceberg students are reading The Odyssey, while Da Sprouts and EverShrooms are diving into The Wanderings of Odysseus.

We spent much of the week learning background material about the Trojan War, Homer, and the epic genre. We learned this classic was told in the oral tradition 3000 years ago–before the Greek alphabet was even invented! We flexed our thinking and writing muscles with journal quick writes on the topics what is a hero? and have you ever been homesick?

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WOW! It’s amazing to think that we are already halfway through october. After a great Fall Break, Delta students jumped right into their new Theme topic: Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Through a simulation exercise, students began their exploration of the ancient world by examining the fate of the Italian town of Pompeii. Tying back to their learning of volcanoes, students built a picture of life in Pompeii, experiencing their economy food, entertainment. Social centers and cultural characteristics.

Students learned the fate of Pompeiians at the hand of Mount Vesuvius. They studied the famous Body Casts that showed the legacy of the eruption. They created their own body cast diagrams and filled them with information about the town and the eruption event.

Students also began the process of their quarter 2 project: creating, producing, and performing a Greek Tragedy. Their productions will be performed the week of December 11th, and will have students choosing a modern issue to create their tragic plays.

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Da Sprouts make necklaces that represent integer addition problems.

Evershrooms and Da Sprouts students display their new reading books.

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At top and bottom right, Iceberg students dig into The Odyssey. Button left, Evershoom students share their journal writing.

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Top: Mountain Lizards working hard.

Bottom: Da Sprouts using counters to add integers

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A Da Sprout student showing off his necklace! 15 + (-3) = 12

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Jumping into the 2nd Quarter theme of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, Delta students created Body Casts to outline the characteristics of Pompeian society after its destruction by Mount Vesuvius.

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Delta students conduct a Gallery Walk of 1st Quarter projects focused on Extinction models. Students prepared one page summaries and 3D artifacts for the project.