2nd/3rd: Week of Sept 25


This week, Ms. Andrea’s math group practiced skip counting, compared LOTS of numbers, and practiced breaking #’s down into expanded form and putting them back together in standard form. We also played a Teacher vs Students version of Place Value War, 5 In A Row, and a lively fishing game with our hungry alligators (really the greater than & less than symbols).

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Ms. Kelly’s math group spent the majority of the week reviewing everything they have learned over the last six weeks. They went on a place value review math hunt , finding and answering questions around the room and played a rounding to the nearest ten and one hundred board game to prepare them for our end of unit assessment. The kiddos rocked the assessment. Well done, Mathletes! Time to move onto Unit Two!

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Building words, spelling words, sorting words by their patterns, adding details to make plain sentences shine, and of course reading- all happening during our literacy time.

We also illustrated our fantastic poems for two voices that we wrote last week. And…

We are squeezing one last mini writing project in before the quarter is over! Each kiddo chose a minibeast name from the “hat”, researched, and found 3 facts to write down. We will be turning those facts into clues and creating a Guess the Minibeast exhibit, complete with a flap to lift to see if you guessed the correct creature ! These will be displayed at PoP!

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Paper mache week! What a fun and crazy mess! Final steps are antennae, paint, and last but not least, wings if needed. Phew! We better get cracking!

We also learned all about a very important insect this week- the honey bee! Bees are one of the world’s most important pollinators for food crops — each day we rely on bees and other pollinators. In fact, out of every three bites we consume relies on pollination! We also learned a bunch of cool facts! Did you know that honey is bee barf? (Actually, not really. The place where the bees store the nectar is called the “crop” and most think of it as a second stomach, however it is never used to digest food in honey bees. Instead, the sole purpose of it is to hold nectar. But for a kid cool factor, they are technically barfing it back up! ;)

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