Middle School: Week of Nov 13


On Wednesday we took a break from our regularly scheduled programming to practice our problem solving skills. All students worked in groups to solve clues and build a turkey out of marshmallows, toothpicks and gumdrops. During the rest of the week, Da Sprouts started their new unit on ratios and practiced using ratios to make comparisons. EverShrooms reviewed percents and worked on percent application problems. Polar Bears continued to work on their linear equation quilt. Mountain Lizards continued to practice system of equations then moved onto solving system of inequalities.


At long last, Odysseus is home in Ithaca! He “cleaned his house” of all those mooching suitors and is finally reunited with Penelope, Telemachus, and Laertes. The gods found his actions just, so all is well in his world.

This week students learned about the archetypical story structure called “the hero’s journey” and applied it to the story of Odysseus with an illustrated poster, then they powered on to complete all the projects we’ve started in the past few weeks. Partners collaborated to solve an Odysseus crossword puzzle and everyone started reading a condensed version of The Iliad.


Theme work this week took us on the journey from Ancient Greece to Ancient Rome. The voyage began with some background information on how geography affected the growth of the Roman empire. Students completed bubble notes focusing on the land of the Italian peninsula, and its surrounding seas.They documented how the land proved challenging but offered opportunities to build city state societies, as the Ancient Greeks did. They also had to “spy the sheep” in order to practice location identification once they created their maps.

Ancient Romans, like the Greeks, also spawned the tale of Pandora’s Box. Students read the myth and debated its message to the modern world. THey created their own boxes to keep both the “moths”, or evils they saw in the world today, as well as “butterflies” of hope to combat evil

The week ended with another exciting phase in the development of our Greek Tragedy play projects. Students created their Choral Ode masks using paper mache on Wednesday and Thursday. The premise behind the project is to use the ancient Greek format of the Tragic play and its parts, and produce a stage play with a modern story of teen drama. The plays will be performed on Dec 13th, and parents are encouraged to attend!

word image 13830 1
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Above and top left, Delta students craft their “Hero’s Journey” posters. Above and top right, Students shape and mold their Greek tragedy masks using paper mache.

word image 13830 5

Students model their Greek Tragedy play masks before the paper mache step.

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Left, students write out their “Why AHB?” statements. Right, students engage in another “Brain Break” to play Elevens.

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Students begin the process of creating their Greek Tragedy play masks using aluminum foil and tape. The plays comprise the Theme project focusing on modern teen dramas in the Greek Tragedy format. Students helped each other to create the bases for their masks.

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Students showing off their turkeys with 3 legs, four tail-feathers with 3 gumdrops, 1 head, 1 neck, and 1 marshmallow body.