4th/5th: Week of Nov 13

General News

Wow, this week flew by! Gammas showed incredible skill and maturity this week managing schedule changes, multiple projects, and our very first field trip! (It was fantastic!) We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!

Reading/Writing Update

This week we introduced a creative project illustrating the family tree and characteristics of the main characters in our book. We also read another chapter, learned more vocabulary words, and continued plugging away at typing our biography writing projects! We are looking forward to sharing our amazing, thoughtful, and well researched writing projects with you all at POP in December. The Gammas have learned so much throughout this project about organization, research, and composing well organized paragraphs.

Math Update

We didn’t dabble in math as much as possible due to the field trip, Shipe Park and theme project collaboration but we managed to squeeze in a little more fraction fun this week. Year 1 students learned how to turn improper fractions into mixed numbers (and vice versa) and Year 2 students applied their fraction division skills to complete their “Gamma Wall Mural” projects. We’ll continue fraction work in both classes when we return from the break.

Theme Update

Work, work, work! Gammas put in the work this week with their research projects! They researched, created scripts, composed Canva templates, and recorded videos. Their biography research skills were put to great use as they collected information and then turned it into informative scripts that will teach about their regional tribes. Collaborative skills, teamwork, and creativity abound in the Gamma classroom this week.

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