Middle School: Week of Mar 25


Everyone had Stock Market Game time on Tuesday since it had been two weeks without checking their portfolios.

On Wednesday, Da Sprouts were introduced to inequalities and how to graph solution sets. Thursday they learned how to solve one step inequalities.

Evershrooms jumped back into surface area by completing a lesson on finding the surface area of pyramids on Wednesday. Thursday they worked on surface area application problems.

Polar Bears completed lessons over identifying transformations and working with dilations.

Mountain Lizards worked on finding roots (or zeros or solutions or x-intercepts) of quadratics. Next they learned how to simplify radicals to prepare themselves for solving more quadratics next week.


Cowabunga! We started Q4 with help from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Students identified Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo–all Renaissance artists and all Italian–by looking at examples of their art. Next we watched a video about the Renaissance and took notes about the where, when, how, and who of the time period. Students will learn the why in Mr. Steve’s class.

On Wednesday, we ceremoniously unwrapped our new books and set up our reading logs. This quarter students will read and respond to the historical novel, The Second Mrs. Gioconda. We ended the week learning about couplet poetry; once students learned about the meter and rhyme scheme, we took our journals outside and wrote our own.

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Kicking off a new Theme after a long break is both fun and challenging! Our final theme topic for the year investigates the causes and effects of the Renaissance and Reformation, two eras of European history that had a profound impact on modern society.

Students began the new topic this week by simulating and evaluating the concept of the Renaissance man. We began by defining the term, and identified characteristics and qualities that would fit the definition in important people from the era, like Leonardo da Vinci.. Students then compared those ideas and found examples from recent generations, including Oprah Winfrey and George Lucas.

Students built annotated illustration posters of these characteristics, and updated the term to Renaissance PERSON to be in line with the changes that more modern society has placed concerning equality among the genders. These posters were built on the da Vinci sketch of the Vitruvian Man. They will be displayed in the Theme hallway for the quarter.

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Students face off in our SEL March Madness Wall Sit competition. Individuals competed against each other until the championship round, which will be held next week.

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ELA students work in the classroom to define and analyze examples of couplet poetry. They moved outside to use the beautiful morning as inspiration for creating their own couplet poems.

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Math students collaborate with each other and Ms Amanda to solve problems during their math classes.

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Kicking off the new quarter theme of the Renaissance and Reformation eras of European history, Delta students created Annotated Illustrations of the “Renaissance Person”, based on Leonardo da Vinci’s sketch of the Vitruvian man.

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A Da Sprouts student demonstrates the model of the da Vinci sketch for students to create blueprints for their annotated illustration assignment.