Middle School: Week of Dec 4


Da Sprouts were introduced to rates this week. They practiced calculating rates and using rates to make comparisons. On Wednesday they calculated the speed at which they can chew bubble gum! They calculated and compared their chewing speed for comfortable, large, and small sized chomps. They ended the week by practicing measurement conversions.

EverShrooms spent Monday and Tuesday calculating the percent change of household items from the 1970s to the 2010s. Wednesday they reviewed the unit with a find and fix it. Each task card had 4 statements where one was false. They had to identify and fix each false statement. Thursday they started a review packet for the check in next Tuesday.

Polar Bears reviewed Monday for the check in they took Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday they became waiters at the Cactus Grill and practiced calculating the bill for different tables.

Mountain Lizards had one last lesson over system of inequality word problems on Monday, then started an escape room on Tuesday to review the unit. No one has escaped yet!


Our whole week was spent building a giant 3D map of Odysseus’s adventures. Students mixed salt dough and sculpted their islands, then painted them. Finally, they added details to their models by constructing everything from temples and wrecked ships to sea monsters and Trojan horses. Simply set out a few tubs of art supplies, plug in a couple of hot glue guns, and voila!! The creativity and ingenuity of these middle schoolers is boundless.


Drama…Drama…Drama!! But in a good way! This week’s focus in Theme class was preparation for our Greek Tragedy drama plays next week. Students started the week finalizing their scripts for their plays. The topics for their plays focus on modern teen dramas with the format of the classic Greek tragedies: Prologue, Parados, Episode, Choral Ode, Exodos, and Tableau.

Play groups also focused on finishing their masks for their Choral Odes. The masks represent the single voice of the play troupe and allow transition between the parts of the play. Each group developed a style for their masks that connected to the topics of their plays.

Theme Greek Tragedy plays will be performed on Wednesday, December 13th, after our lunch time at 12:30pm. Parents are encouraged to attend.

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Students working on salt dough maps of Odysseus’s adventures.

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word image 14194 8

Students working on salt dough maps of Odysseus’s adventures.

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Students working on salt dough maps of Odysseus’s adventures.

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Delta students work on their make-up design strategies while prepping for their Greek Tragedy plays in Theme class.

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Theme play projects focus on modern teen dramas, from excessive screen time to friendships betrayed. Students will perform their plays on Wednesday, December 13th.

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Delta students sharpen their stage presences and performance skills using a Drama Circle exercise, above, while also memorizing their script lines in a Table reading exercises below.

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Da Sprouts practice rates by calculating the speed of chewing bubblegum.

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Mountain Lizards working on an escape room!

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Top: More bubble gum lab fun. Bottom: Still trying to escape!