Middle School: Week of Aug 28


Da Sprouts each worked at their own pace this week. They first had to complete their Integer Art Project. Next completed task cards on comparing rational numbers. After that they were given rational number cards all mixed up and had to order them least to greatest. On Wednesday they came together and had a lesson on classifying rational numbers.

Evershrooms worked all week on adding and subtracting rational numbers. First rational decimals, then rational fractions.

On Thursday, Da Sprouts and Evershrooms joined together to complete a classifying rational numbers mystery pattern. If they finished that, as an extension, students rolled dice to create fractions and decimals and then ordered them on a number line.

Polar Bears had a lesson over rational numbers vs irrational numbers, then a lesson over classifying real numbers. On Wednesday they practiced classifying real numbers coloring a mystery pattern.

On Monday, Mountain Lizards had a lesson on solving proportions and played a dice game to practice. On Tuesday, they tackled literal equations and worked on a solve and color to practice. On Wednesday, the class split into two groups and worked together on a review packet.

Icebergs joined together on Thursday. First they solved for mystery numbers trying to identify a certain number based on clues like: I am not a natural number, I am not a terminating decimal, I can’t be written as a ratio, and more! Once they completed that, Mountain Lizards started the classifying real numbers coloring a mystery pattern worksheet that the Polar Bears started yesterday. Since Polar Bears had a head start, they were able to help the Mountain Lizards.


This week we worked with partners to research creation stories from other cultures, then evaluated each one for elements of that genre, like: Is there a divine being? Does it explain nature? What is the role of humans? Was the world created ex nihilo (out of nothing)?

As Da Sprouts and EverShrooms finished researching and evaluating, they created Venn diagrams to compare and contrast their stories. Icebergs took a side trip from their research to learn about motifs in literature and how they differ from themes. All of this research and organizing of ideas is leading up to the essays we will start next week.


The Rock Show continued for the Delta students this week during Theme class. Continuing our examination of Earth History, students learned about the Rock Cycle and the types of rocks created by the geologic action in the crust of the Earth. After identifying the three main types of rocks, students set out to examine and recognize rock types by their characteristics. During our first lab day of the year, students tested rocks looking at eight characteristics and test the rocks with two agents: lemon juice and vinegar.

The end of the week brought our first mini project of the year focusing on Creation Stories for rocks each student chose. There were hilarious back stories discussed in the pre-writing sessions, and imaginations were running wild. Students will mount their rocks and decorate them as a 3D Art Piece. The Delta will share their Rock Star stories with other students at the end of the quarter!

Flex time allowed students to gather and explore social and emotional development. From creating I AM posters to creating their own Pokemon, students are busy this year focusing on our goals to build their self-confidence.

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Top: Da Sprouts ordering rational numbers from least to greatest.

Bottom Left: All Mountain Lizard students have now earned their Calculator Merit Badge!

Bottom Right: Ms. Amanda helping an Evershroom student add rational numbers.

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The Icebergs take a brain break from research to play “11’s.”

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Top: Da Sprouts read and discuss a creation story.

Bottom: Ms. Kandyce helps an EverShroom make a connection on her Venn diagram.

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Students focused on rock types for their first lab exercise of the school year. Using different agents and observing visual characteristics, Deltas determined the rock type and name during the lab. The information became the basis for their selections of rocks to focus their creative writing project on The Rock Stars.

word image 12718 12

Delta students apply content to simulations as they model, at top, evolution with a rock, paper, scissors game, and the theory of Natural Selection below as two “animals” survived perilous Earth events while others went extinct.