4th/5th: Week of Aug 28

General News

Just a heads-up: We will be sending home a sticker next week where kids can test/record their Google username and password. This ensures they are able to work on interactive activities in Google Classroom as well as visual design projects in Canva. This does not have to be an urgent affair but know we will be paying great Gamma bucks for tackling this helpful little to-do! It helps our classroom flow nicely when kids feel independent while accessing digital tasks.

Reading/Writing Update

This week in reading we continued our work with kernel and robust sentences. This time we reversed the process and read informational paragraphs and then used annotations to pull out the details (when, where, why, and how) and reduced a heavy amount of information into a simple kernel sentence that tells just who and what. We’ve also been getting practice with choosing just-right books for us (books that our on our reading level, we enjoy them, and understand them). Not everyone has found a book they connect with in the classroom library just yet, but it takes time! Building a reading life is a big goal in Gamma and we’ll keep working on it. Ms. Ansley will introduce some strategies for summarizing stories and start paying gamma bucks for books that are completed and summarized well!

Math Update

We are seeing excellent participation and willingness to take a risk in math class! What a lovely way to start a school year. Year 1 students practiced rounding whole numbers while Year 2 students conquered a similar skill, but with decimal amounts to the thousandths. Several students completed (optional) logic puzzles, which are such a wonderful way to help kids develop stamina for paying attention to details and honing their critical thinking skills. These puzzles pay Gamma bucks, along with any extra math fact fluency practice your child may be completing at home. Don’t forget that your child can access Whippermathers.com to gain access to tutorial videos whenever needed. (It will also help you see the scope and sequence of our math lessons!)

Theme Update

We continued with chemistry this week and it was so much fun! We moved on from atoms to molecules and explored the difference between chemical and physical changes. We had two days of station rotations where kids were able to get some hands-on experience with states of matter experiments (solids, liquids and gasses) as well as an exploration of solubility. The kids were so enthusiastic and engaged during labs! Go, Gammas, go!

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