K/1st: Week of Oct 16


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A Golden Compass

What’s Around Us?!

The Regions of the United States of America!

There was a wild flurry of activities this super-short week! We got new table teams, celebrated two birthdays, and started learning about the land and resources that make

up our country.

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Alphas add oceans around our country…

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Alphas making their own compass roses…

Each table team is studying a different region of the country; they are a team of explorers! We did some team-building and we made portraits and added interesting information we learned about our table mates.

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Meet the Southwest Art Club!

Meet the Pacific West Cheetah Stars!

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Meet the South Big Foot Hunters!

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Meet the Northeast Birds!

Meet The Midwest Badgers

This week in Math…

Ms. Kim’s group…

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While we were on break, all the sudden our calendar numbers moved into 2 digit numbers! We dipped our toes into the world of place value – starting with grouping things into sets of tens!

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Ms. Eliza’s Group…

Ms. Eliza didn’t take any math photos this week! (She was so busy being with her small groups that she forgot!). But there was a lot of learning going on and here’s what happened…we considered all the ways to make 10 (or 20) and discovered that it’s only 6 facts that we truly need to know because 4 + 6 = 10 and when turned around 6 + 4 = 10. That applies to the facts to 20 as well. We learned Calla, Pyramid Solitaire (to 10) and are practicing writing equations vertically. Here’s a link to video instructions for Pyramid Solitaire in the P&P this week. Pyramid Make 10 Solitaire

This week in Language Arts…

Ms. Eliza’s group…

We revisited C and P, practiced our handwriting, made simple C-V-C (consonant – vowel-consonant) words with -at, -ap, and -op. We’re getting better and better with this! We read Three Little Javelinas and The Salamander Room, both with rich settings that gave us insight to the idea that where a story happens can affect the character’s experience. We created our own characters and settings to then make our own fictional tales to tell to a partner.

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Diamond Ellie Jelly

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Princess Red Dead Sleepy Freehanded Man

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Papow PowSow

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Pointy Bointy

Ms. Kim’s group…

We started thinking, learning, and chatting about nonfiction books, we also learned new spelling patterns and rules (very few photos this week…)

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Decorating our new “offices”

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Sounding out words and spelling them!

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All letters are made with a combination of straight lines and curves…apparently certain silly faces can be made with them too!

Morning Activities…

We started learning a very important survival skill: SEWING! Alphas are learning how to thread a needle and knot it at the end. We practiced some stitching too!

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