4th/5th: Week of Jan 29

General News

Keep up the work on your student Rock Journals (Due March 8th) We are covered for field trip transportation (thank you!) and will be in touch with volunteers soon with more details.

Reading/Writing Update

This week we spent lots of time focusing on getting drafts done. Gammas needed to write at least three drafts of memoir stories before choosing one to publish (much to their chagrin) but hopefully along this journey some of them realized the importance of the drafting process and pushing themselves through the process. Often your first idea will not be your favorite when it comes to personal narrative writing! Next week we will start publishing by turning them into either essays or pictures books, depending on what they choose. They have some great ideas for using canva and AI generated images to illustrate the books and we’re excited to see how they turn out!

Math Update

We continue to tackle long division in math class. Students in both groups practiced the steps to long division, using “compatible” numbers to help get an estimate. Year 1 students continue to work with 1 digit divisors, while Year 2 students are gearing up for double-digit division. (We did a wee bit of practice in this area this week, but most students are feeling a little intimidated by the jump to double-digit divisors. It will come with more practice!) Both groups ended the week with a “Make Your Own Division Problem” creative project that allowed students to apply their division skills to imaginative problems requiring repeated subtraction (aka division!) to solve.

Theme Update

We started with week off learning about Pangaea and doing an exploratory puzzles to see if we could figure out how the continents all fit together. We then did some reading about how scientists discovered Pangaea. On Tuesday we did a spy mission opening envelopes that gave us clues about the science behind earthquakes and volcanoes. Kiddos needed to piece the clues together to figure out what the science behind these events was and it involved a lot of critical thinking and teamwork! On Wednesday we did a station rotation all about volcanoes and a really fun lab making a volcano with baking soda and vinegar! We learned the different types of volcanoes, what makes them occur, and practiced our reading comprehension skills and notetaking.

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