2nd/3rd: Week of 4/22

Math –

Ms. Andrea’s math group counted piggy banks and compared collections of coins, solved money word problems, practiced balancing scales with coins and learned a new math game called “Scoop & Graph”. On Thursday they took their money unit test (ROCKED IT) and graphing pre-test. All gears are in motion to finish the year off strong!

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Ms. Kelly’s math group explored how to represent fractions on a number line by reviewing dividing a whole, like a circle or rectangle, into equal parts and selecting a fraction. Then, we applied this concept to a number line, dividing the interval between 0 and 1 into equal sections and labeling fractions, emphasizing that fractions are numbers that can be plotted on a number line, not just parts of shapes.

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Literacy –

In writing we completed the planning stage of our fairytale writing project by mapping out our problem/solution and identifying the beginning/middle/end of our stories. Then we solidified our ideas by verbally telling our tales to our writing partner. Next week we will begin writing our rough drafts! ✍🏻

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Theme –

Becoming a knight is not an easy task! Here was our checklist for the week:

  • At the beginning of the week our Beta Squires received their tunics and performed a few small physical tasks before partnering up with our strategic game Page in a Palace.
  • On Tuesday the Squires had their first sword training. We began with a warm up and then practiced our strong stance and wielding our swords slowly and effectively before pairing up. After warming up and practicing wielding our swords carefully, we paired up- one squire “attacking” and one blocking. Just as a new squire would have done in the Middle Ages, we moved very slowly to work on precision. (Well- and to stay safe! 😉)
  • On Wednesday we turned ourselves (our photo) into knights in shining armor!
  • And we personalized our tunics with a crest that fits our personality.
  • We also had our physical fitness test for knighthood on Wednesday. We warmed up with squats and lunges, ran laps, and used our strength and agility to complete the obstacle course. Lastly- swordsmanship! Both Queens agree- we have trained an outstanding group of young squires. Not only are they strong and agile, they listen, follow directions, help one another and have integrity. We will be dubbed a Beta Knight tomorrow!
  • We presented our Good Deeds and shields on Thursday and dubbed most of the Betas into full fledged Beta Knights! We know they are strong and loyal and will protect Beta Manor! Welcome to knighthood Betas!
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