2nd/3rd: Week of Feb 19

Math –

Ms. Andrea’s math group delved deep into geometry by looking at 2D & 3D shapes, noting attributes, and asking some key questions (what makes a rhombus different than a square?)

We also updated our math journals with key vocabulary for the unit. We reviewed polygons and quadrilaterals and whizzed through several sorts! We learned new geometry games and enjoyed a couple of game days. Some chose to use this time reviewing math facts!

word image 15239 1

word image 15239 3

Ms. Kelly is so proud of her math group! Word problems are the HARDEST! Everyday we practice. And practicing everyday is not easy! But it’s paying off because these guys are rock stars with 2 step word problems using all 4 operations! At the end of the week we took our assessment and the crew was pooped! Our division assessment was tough! But these guys worked so hard for it! Well done team!

word image 15239 4

word image 15239 5

word image 15239 6

Literacy –

In reading, book clubs are going strong and this quarter we’ve been focusing hard on answering reading response questions fully and in complete sentences, taking the time to go back into the text to find supporting evidence.

In writing we nearly finished our rough drafts! This week we took the notes we have collected on our inventors and turned them into the meat of our biographies! Many kiddos have finished the complete rough draft and many more are close. We ended the week with peer revising and editing followed by one on one time with the teachers. Next step- final drafts!

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Theme –

In theme we continued with our Peep carnival rides. Our Peeps are going to have a BLAST on the simple machine inspired rides the Betas are creating! We have also designed “Machine Brain” art! What if our brains looked and operated like a compound machine? What would that look like to you? We are building just that inside our traced profiles! The finished product will be on display soon!

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