This Week in 6th/7th/8th

Middle Schoolers working together to solve problem.


In MATH this week the Zoomshrooms did a cut and paste activity to practice absolute value. They also started a project to draw integers in real life. The Shockwaves started to multiply and divide integers, next doing a scavenger hunt involving rational number operations. Algebra students started to solve two-step equations and completed a math-lib about solving equations. Geometry students constructed parallel lines, perpendicular lines, and more with compasses and straight edges. They also started building a city map for a city named Harold. Last but not least everyone got started in The Stock Market Game reading the rules, making their team nicknames, and making their first trade.

-Evan W.


In ELA this week, Zoomshrooms discussed the title of their book Bread and Roses Too. They found out that the title was actually a slogan in the women’s strikes they are learning about. They read a piece from the article Flesh and Blood, So Cheap and discussed why 2.4 million Italian immigrants fled to America for a better life. Zoomshrooms watched a video about a textile mill and how people put laws into place for better worker’s rights. Then they read from the article The Lawrence Textile Strike and related it to the book they are reading. Redwoodz and Shockwaves had discussed their books in Book Club and learned about reasons why Russian Jews were kicked out of their homeland to America. After reading, students worked in groups to complete a graphic organizer to process what they learned. They watched a clip from the film An American Tail and tried to find the metaphors between cheese, rats, society and people who are Jewish.

-Jackson P.


This week in THEME we finished our museum brochures about 19th century reform movements, the purpose of these were to outline the goals, effects and important people of each reform movement. We then started a deeper focus on the Women’s Rights movements by singing a song “Let Us All Make Our Voices Heard” a tune from the 19th century hoping to rally women in the cause of granting women suffrage or the right to vote. In groups we looked at the Seneca Falls Convention and analyzed the Declaration of Sentiments. We evaluated how the changes called for in the declaration have been met through the 21st century. During FLEX classes, students continued to build and review their understanding of geography by defining geographic terms.

-Will Khazen

Shockwave and Redwoodz students set up their accounts and begin analyzing stock options as the Stock Market Game begins this week.

Book club groups work to address high order questions focusing on their novels with Ms. Kandyce’s help. Zoomshrooms looked at clips from the Disney film An American Tail to find parallels between the movie and their novel Bread and Roses Too.

In Theme, students worked in groups to analyze the Declaration of Sentiments passed during the Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls. They ranked how successful each demand in the document had been met by the modern age, justifying their group’s choice at the board. In Flex meetings, students continued their investigation of geography by defining geographic terms for landforms.

Students address questions about their reading after Book Club meetings.

Math problems hung around the room allowed students to solve operations with rational numbers.

Midweek rain forced the Middle School to leave the playground and play Heads Up Seven Up in the green room.