This Week in Middle School… Week of August 22

Middle School 2 August 26 2022Math:

This week, the 6th graders were introduced to integers. They ordered positive and negative whole numbers, decimals, and fractions on number lines and they caught up on work from the week and then hunted for problems scattered around upstairs to solve. The 7th graders learned four terms which they then classified numbers into the proper sets. They also added and subtracted integers with the example of how to remove debt. The 7th graders worked on that through Thursday so they are now debt free! On Monday the Algebra students Classified real numbers into the proper sets. On Tuesday they were introduced to mathematical properties which they worked on through Wednesday. And Thursday they evaluated algebraic expressions.

On Monday the Geometry students Defined the terms point, line, and planes. On Tuesday they worked with segment addition postulate and were introduced to the midpoint of a segment. On Wednesday they derived the distance formula and the midpoint formula, then used both to solve geometric problems.
And on Thursday they solved a puzzle using knowledge they gained this week.

By: Harlow


In ELA on Monday, students got their novels for Quarter 1 and read a chapter together. They talked about the word immigrant, and they wrote about some reasons someone might immigrate and if they were push or pull reasons. On Tuesday we read an article about why people immigrate and we got into partners to complete a summary graphic organizer. After that we talked about Fragments vs Sentences and their differences. For Wednesday we continued the article and learned a little more about fragments. On Thursday we started by walking outside to get inspiration for writing multiple complete sentences and labeling the subject and verb. Once we were back inside we shared some of our sentences. The 7/8th graders looked at maps of NYC and the 5 boroughs. We also watched a fun video about each borough’s accents and practiced mimicking those accents

By: Dax


This week in flex the middle school students learned about word wall snapshots and how to make them in order to learn new vocabulary words. They also created class house names for their grade level groups modeled after the Hogwarts school in Harry Potter. The 6th graders decided on “Zoomshroom” as their class name, the 7th graders choose “Shockwave”, and the 8th graders choose “Redwoodz”. After the middle schoolers decided on each of their class names they created house posters that included their name, animal, and motto. The middle schoolers also started working on their notebooks; customizing them to their liking. In theme this week, the middle schoolers started learning about the different reform movements and then grouped up with a partner, picked a reform subject to research and made storyboard cartoons based on the events that happened. It has been a fun week!

By: Laura