This Week in 6th/7th/8th


For math this week the Zoomshroom (6th) students classified rational numbers into subsets. Then had a lesson on absolute value, and played a card game to practice what they just learned. The Shockwave (7th) class continued their hard work with adding and subtracting integers. They also extended that knowledge by adding and subtracting rational numbers. The algebra Redwoodz (8th) reviewed combining like terms and distributive property. Afterwards they solved a puzzle by simplifying expressions. The geometry Redwoodz were introduced to angle relationships and postulates, and used their new knowledge to solve a puzzle.

By Dax


In ELA we started the week by discussing our novels. The Zoomshrooms discussed their novel Bread and Roses, Too, while Shockwave and Redwoodz discussed their book Uprising. We focused on the idea that the characters in our novels are mostly immigrants. We watched a video about immigrants entering Ellis Island and talked about how the Statue of Liberty would greet them when they were arriving in NYC. We read a poem, “The New Colossus”, which is about the Statue of Liberty. We analyzed, and then paraphrased the poem into modern language. After that students read a part of our non-fiction text, Flesh and Blood So Cheap, and worked in small groups to create a Venn diagram of the “Colonial times”, or old immigration and the “new” immigration that started in the 1880s. We then read more of Flesh and Blood So Cheap and made a bullet point list of hardships faced by southern Italians, and focused on the reasons for immigrating to America. We colored in a map of Italy– separating the “toe” and “heel” (southern Italy) from the rest of Italy (the northern region). It has been a fantastic week!

By Laura 


This week in Theme we discussed the 19th Century Reform Movements in more depth. We created Anchor Charts for each Reform Movement: Woman’s Right to Vote, Temperance or Prohibition of alcohol, Abolition of Slavery, Education Reform, Prison Reform and Labor Reform which is just in time for labor day! Once we finished, we completed doodle notes on each Anchor Chart. With the information we got from the Doodle Notes, we created a museum pamphlet to inform people about the Reform Movements. In Flex we practiced proper cursive handwriting and reviewed the rules for how to create letters in cursive. Students also started a U.S. Geography unit. And we also got the opportunity to start learning a new language of our choice. 

By: Harlow

Middle School August 29

ELA partners work on analyzing the parts of the poem “The New Colossus”, which focuses on the Statue of Liberty and its relationship to immigration. Students read the stanzas, then translated and updated the words of the poem to a more modern terminology.