This Week in Beta… Week of August 29, 2022


Ms. Kelly’s math group focused on tallys (Why do we learn to tally? Well, what a simple way to count ongoing results!  Bundles of 5 are much easier to count than individual marks.) as well as number sorting and counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s starting at any number. 

Ms. Skylar’s math group tackled the big question “How can we decompose numbers in more than one way?” The kids applied their knowledge of place value to solve word problems and have begun to  practice ordering numbers up to 999,999.

Both math groups play lots of math games as well.  Many of our games at this time of the year are about number sense.  Why number sense?

Children with strong number sense think flexibly and fluently about numbers. They can: 

→Visualize and talk comfortably about numbers. 

→Take numbers apart and put them back together in different ways — e.g. breaking the number five down several times (such as: 5+0=5; 4+1=5; 3+2=5; 2+3=5; 1+4=5; 0+5=5 and so on), which helps your children learn all the ways to make five.

→Compute mentally — solving problems in their heads instead of using paper and pencil.

→Relate numbers to real-life problems by connecting them to their everyday world. 

Number sense is so important for math learners because it promotes confidence and encourages flexible thinking. It allows children to create a relationship with numbers and be able to talk about math as a language. Numbers are just like letters. Each letter has a sound and when you put them together they make words. Well, every digit has a value and when you put those digits together they make numbers!

Beta August 29


Literacy is literally happening in every part of our day.  It takes place at Morning Meeting as we read the News and Announcements and fix the teachers’ “mistakes”.

It is happening during our word work practice.  We are always studying and learning about spelling patterns.

You will find a book in the hands of a child during Reading Workshop.  (And well written responses about what they read.)

We are reading with friends or listening to audiobooks during random free moments.

You will even find literacy in math as we are learning new concepts!


During our last week of magnetism, we created loads of fun magnetic themed toys (Kind of like our main character, Vincent Shadow, from our read aloud!)  We made magnetic dancing (or skating) peg dolls…

We designed our own Wolly Willys…

And concocted magnetic slime!

Next week we move right along to electricity- starting with static electricity. :)

Music with Ms. Emily was a HUGE hit!  The kids loved it so much.  We are so happy to have this expert among our community to offer our children the gift of music! Thank you Emily!!