Middle School: Week of Nov 27


Monday, Da Sprouts used ratios to predict how many of each color fruit loop was in a box. They were given a pile of fruit loops, but only needed 20 fruit loops for the lab. They were able to enjoy and eat the rest of the pile. On Tuesday we continued using ratios, but now to create tables and graphs. Wednesday they practiced ratios with a solve and color.

EverShrooms continued to work on solving proportions this week and were introduced to how to calculate percent change using proportions.

Polar Bears completed their quilt this week while Mountain Lizards worked on a similar art project. Mountain Lizards had to create a piece of art using system of inequalities.

Everyone had stock market game time on Thursday.


We have finished reading Homer’s classic epic, The Odyssey. This week students analyzed the characters and events in the book by writing a formal literary essay about it.

Da Sprouts and Evershrooms’ prompt was Was Odysseus a hero? Defend your thesis.

Meanwhile, the Icebergs focused on the ancient Greek custom of xenia (hospitality to strangers): Explain this custom and how it was honored and abused by characters in The Odyssey. Bonus vocabulary word! Xenophobia means fear of foreigners.

Before diving into the writing process, Da Sprouts and Evershrooms took time to deconstruct a well-written mentor essay by highlighting the thesis statement, topic sentences of each paragraph, and the ideas and specific details that developed the thesis statement. They also identified the strong hook and clincher used to capture the reader’s attention.

The first step in writing any essay is unpacking the prompt. This ensures you really understand all the elements you should address. After tackling that, each student moved through the steps of the writing process. These include prewriting ideas on a graphic organizer, drafting on a Google document, revising and editing, and finally, publishing. Along the way, students workshopped with Ms. Kandyce as needed.

We hit pause on writing essays to break up into teams and brainstorm a list of stops on Odysseus’s ten year journey from the war in Troy back home to Ithaca. This is going to help us with a big art project next week–a carrot to endure the very hard work of analysis and writing!


Ancient Rome took center stage this week as students outlined the structure of the government in the Roman Republic. They learned that the Roman Republic government was divided into three different parts, much like our government today, and was empowered through a separation of powers. Students also reviewed these connections by looking at the social structure divided between the Patrician, or upper class, and the Plebeians, or lower classes.

Students were randomly placed in one of the two classes, and spent time Tuesday creating symbols of their status. From crowns to shawls, students put their imaginations to work to put together these symbols.

A Roman Government simulation was held between the two classes. Students were charged with solving a series of issues, the same that the government of the Roman Republic faced. Students debated and discussed, using the opportunity to discover how laws and decisions were made in ancient Rome.

We ended the week by continuing our preparation for our Greek tragedy pay projects. Students painted their Choral Ode masks and progressed in writing and polishing their play scripts. THe Delta parents are invited to join us to watch the plays on Wednesday, December 13th, at 12:45 after our lunchtime.

With the holiday season in full swing, and the end of the semester upon us, Delta students were reminded this week how important our focus on social and emotional awareness is to learning. At top, students and Ms Kandyce check out a passion flower outside the school during a recess break. Above, students focus on their mindfulness during a meditation session with Delta parent Fabiana Roller. Click here to watch a video of the session with sounds from the meditation

word image 14015 2 Top: Iceberg students wait patiently for their essays to print. Bottom: A team of Icebergs list as many of Odysseus’s destinations as they can in two minutes.

Above: Evershroom students turn their graphic organizers into first drafts.

word image 14015 5
word image 14015 6

Da Sprouts working on their Fruit Loop lab!

word image 14015 7
word image 14015 8

Top: Polar Bears working on their quilt project. Bottom: Mountain Lizards working on their system of inequalities art project.

word image 14015 9
word image 14015 10

Delta students use Theme time to prep for and participate in a simulation of the Roman Republic. Divided between the upper and lower classes of the society, students organized and solved issues that faced the ancient society during the simulation.

word image 14015 12
word image 14015 13

At top, students put the first layer of paint on their Greek Tragedy play masks. Above AHB parent Zoe helps students greet each other during a lesson on the Greek language.