K/1: Week of Feb 5th

HE’S BACK!!!!!!!!

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As you all are aware, we switched classrooms with the Gamma class this summer.

What you MAY NOT know is that for YEARS, starting in February we have been pestered and tricked by a little Leprechuan who calls himself Larry. Last Monday, Larry made his first appearance in the new GAMMA room! Our our former Alphas knew that shamrock and wisely called a class meeting to kindly, but firmly redirect the mischief-maker to his proper domain.

(…uh…thanks a LOT Gammas…)

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This week in the Ocean…

We explored the deepest layer of the ocean: The Aphotic Zone!

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Ms. Kim shines a light on white paper, then through water, then adds salt and we shine light through that water and see how much dimmer the water becomes- JUST WITH SALT!

The aphotic zone has no light and we learned that the weight of the water is equal to about 1600 elephants on top of you!

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Alphas saw what happened to a balloon when we put 3 ALPHA’S weight on it…

We made a diagram of ALL the layer of the ocean…

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Then we learned that even in the deep, there were firsh that have a adapted to aphotic conditions of incredible dark and water pressure. EVERYONE got into the act to build a part of a fish…

“What THIS aphotic fish needs….”

Then as a table team, Alphas invented a new and wondrous aphotic fish, complete with glow in the dark paint!

Alphas explored hydro-thermal vents and the creatures who thrive in those extreme conditions! Our table team project was to create a vent out of newspaper and tape!

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Reflections on how team work went…

Aqua Cherry: “We put all ideas into one.”

Sky Blue:“We decided and figured out to combine half blood belly and we all helped by taking turns.”

Dark Blue: “We did different parts. We just agreed that the person who made the part got to do that part and what we wanted most to do we got to do.”

Red Table: “We did angler fish and colored it in.

We compromised and each did part.”

Green Table: “We had a little discussion and passed it around.

We compromised when there was a problem.”

We explored the deep by learning about submersibles and submarines – investigating the differences between the two. Submersibles needing a ship to launch, recover and support while submarines are self-sufficent. Teams created their own yellow submarines with reading rooms, bedrooms, sports centers and other cool places to hang out for 3 month undersea adventures!

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We have been so impressed with the variety of sea animals and their inventive construction!

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This week in Math…

Ms. Kim’s group…

We met 3-dimensional shapes and has good discussions about similarities and differences between them and 2 dimensional shapes! We used new manipulatives to talk about Fact Families, and we met the Alpha’s Polygon Pals!

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Ms. Eliza’s group…

We added geometry to our math investigations this week. We discussed the properties of 2 and 3-D shapes. We experimented with how we can create a variety of shape combinations and making animals out of shapes. We worked with estimations and actual amounts as part of our study.

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This week in Language Arts…

Ms. Eliza’s group…

This week we added CH and TH to our collection of digraphs (the combination of 2 letters that create one sound). We discovered how we find digraphs at the beginning, middle and end of words. We practiced handwriting with dictation sentences that included our sight words of the week SAID and PUT.

We wrote individual poems about things we Never want to do or eat. And we finished the story of White Deer. Even though she was shot in the leg with an arrow Princess Faith’s curse was broken and her wounds were healed. She and Prince Warlock were united and Prickly’s terrible trick was revealed.

Ms. Kim’s group…

This week we went on a Wabi Sabi walk and Alphas found everyday things that became more and more interesting and unique the longer we looked at them! We wrote about our discoveries.

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In other news…

This week Sky Blue Table was cooking with flour, salt, water and butter…

Rollin’ and cuttin’ biscuits to put in the oven – served up for a storytime snack

with honey butter

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