4th/5th : Week of Feb 5th

General News

  • Keep up the work on your student Rock Journals (Due March 8th)
  • Next Tuesday, February 13th, the Gammas will be heading to Georgetown to visit the InnerSpace Caverns. We’ll snack at school and head out around 9:45. After the tour, We’ll eat lunch at the cavern and will arrive back at school around 1:15.
  • Friendship Day – Wednesday, February 14th –Valentines Friendship cards are optional–but please be sure to include all students if you opt to give cards/treats. (Check email for a list of class names!)

Reading/Writing Update

Memoir (aka and personal narratives) is always a tough unit! Writing fictional narratives tends to come so easily but writing about your own life is not an easy ask for everyone! Gammas spent weeks powering through writer’s block and the challenges of this unit and this week finally got to dive into publishing and illustrating their books! Gammas used Canva to type up their books and map out the story page by page and then got to work creating illustrations. Some kiddos chose to use the AI illustration feature on canva to create the illustrations and some chose to hand draw. The books are looking beautiful and we cant wait to laminate, bind, and share our books with you!

Math Update

Our long division is coming along swimmingly! Both groups participated in activities to help hone this skill: escape rooms, division “bump” games, riddle sheets and matching decimal models to their equations. The kids are hardly quivering over this sometimes-tough-to-digest math skill. Year 1 kids’ lessons focused on making sense of remainders, while Year 2 kids learned how to divide with decimals in the divisor (usually a 6th grade skill, but they were ready for new instruction!)

Theme Update

During theme, we spent the week exploring the world of stop-motion animation to create group projects explaining the different types of movement plate boundary movements–transform, convergent and divergent–and their effects! You can get the gist of the project scaffolding by taking a peek at the project directions we used to scaffold the steps. If you don’t know already, creating stop-motion animation can be a tedious (frustrating!) process. The Gammas handled technological curve balls with grace and patience. In fact, our SEL skill of the week for “Tune In Tuesday” was “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Man, oh man! The Gammas had a chance to practice this skill during the creation phase. The videos came out full of creativity and while we are still ironing out a few glitches, we can bask in the success of a challenging creative endeavor. Next week, we’ll talk about caves and caverns before heading out on our field trip Tuesday to explore InnerSpace Caverns.

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