2nd/3rd: Week of Feb 26

Math –

Ms. Andrea’s math group practiced sorting congruent and similar shapes. Then we dove into solid shapes and examined faces, vertices and edges. We also did a 3D shape mix and mingle to form groups and practiced counting solid shape attributes. The kids learned how to play 5 In A Row and it’s all about STRATEGY! And a little luck. We closed the week by finishing up some geometry work and practicing identifying 2D and 3D shapes.

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Ms. Kelly’s math group began a new unit on area and perimeter. This week is all about reviewing some basic geometry- What is a polygon? What are sides, vertices and angles? What is a quadrilateral? And what makes a shape regular/irregular. We have closely studied various shapes and found the special attributes that make each polygon unique- looking for how many sides, angles, vertices, sets of parallel lines and right angles each has.

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Literacy –

Literacy time! Fixing mistakes in our News and Announcements, learning about possessives, manipulating words with r-controlled vowels and discovering the meaning of new prefixes. And of course book club too! All in a day’s work!

We also love a good word sort! It’s interactive, it promotes higher-level thinking skills, and it provides oral language development opportunities that build on students’ prior knowledge. Sorting makes it easier to see the similarities and differences of words. – Just one strategy used while learning new spelling patterns!

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In writing this week, the teachers continued to work one on one, prepping the kids for the final bit in the writing process! Final drafts of course! By the end of the week most of our biography final drafts are complete as well as the portraits of the inventor for the covers! Feels good to wrap things up at the end of the quarter!

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Theme –

In theme we have had the luxury of having time to pizzazz our Peep rides. And oh wow we have some super fun rides for our Peeps! This crew has worked so hard on these cardboard creations and they are very proud! Many have incorporated at least one simple machine into the design. Others are just for fun! These are definitely all about the process, not the product, if you catch our drift… ;)

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