Learning in Less Hours







AHB Community School Gives You Time

Time to pursue individual passions. Time to explore the world. Time to rest, regroup and be present in the moment. Our micro school preserves time for other needs, so students maintain the energy to challenge themselves and enjoy learning.

Student poses for silly photo with teachers at homeschool coop.

Benefits of School-Life Balance

Fourth grader at homeschool coop leans over table to speak.

More of What Matters

Though the AHB of today is a thriving and accredited private micro school, it began as a homeschool co-op. Much of the original ethos still informs our vision—especially when it comes to school-life balance.  

At AHB, we do more with less. Our part-time school model allows us to focus on what matters—authentic, engaged learning—and eliminate everything that doesn’t. Our students receive a full education in mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. They also create, play and explore. They don’t spend time on “busywork” or cram for state standardized tests.

Third grade girl at micro school sets up social studies project.

Academic, Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Part-time school allows students valuable time to strengthen their at-home bonds—bonds which are key to social, emotional and academic well-being throughout every developmental stage.

The effects of a part-time school are lasting. Studies have shown that students enrolled in half-day kindergarten academically outperform those who attend full time—even in later grades. They are also more likely to capably manage their emotions, express empathy and engage in positive social behaviors.

Kids at half day kindergarten perform for parents.

Unique Learning Lifestyles

Arabic. Synchronized Swimming. Violin lessons. Wilderness School. These are just a few of the endless ways our students spend their off-campus hours. Our part-time school week (Mon-Thurs 9a-2:30) makes the possibilities for enrichment virtually endless.

At AHB, we know learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. After school and on Fridays, our students pursue a myriad of activities, family projects, and extracurriculars. Part-time school allows our families the flexibility to design their lives and lifestyles around their individual interests and values.

How AHB Students Enjoy Their Extra Time


Offers guest speakers, individual projects and more. Read about MIDDLE SCHOOL FRIDAYS


Time to develop hobbies into passions, or explore diverse interests.


Austin has many full day Friday options for specialized learning, such as EARTH NATIVE and OLAS SPANISH.

I love it here because my kids are so happy to come to school……even after 4 years, and because the community and the teachers are so warm and welcoming. My kids are working at or above grade levels compared to more traditional schools even though they are at school fewer hours and learning in a very different way, mostly through projects and hands on experience.
– AHB Parent
Small class surrounds guest speaker with harp at part-time school.

More Time for What Matters

With traditional school schedules, it can be difficult to carve out time for family. At the heart of of AHB’s mission is providing a community where families thrive. In that spirit, we offer a part-time schedule and preserve Fridays, so families can enrich their lives based on individual interests and needs. When school offers life balance, families thrive.