Where Fridays Are Fun

Choosing More School

Middle Schoolers just love to hang out with their friends. That time can be supervised and productive, without sacrificing the spirit of fun. The Friday Extension provides the option for middle school students to extend their school week with deeper learning and broader experiences. This optional middle school program meets each Friday, from 9 am – 2:30.

Two girls work at table and smile.

What to Expect at Friday Extension

Non-religious private school students work on STEM skills playing stock market game.

Academic Competitions

Middle School students in the Friday Extension are challenged to take their academic skills to the next level. Each student enters at least one local, state, or national competition. Mathcounts Competition, 3M Young Scientist Challenge, or Scholastic Art & Writing Award are some of the opportunities.

Time is given for students to practice with their team or develop a personal project entry. Students build skills and confidence as they prepare for evaluation outside of our micro school.

UT law professor explains affirmative action debate at private middle school.

Guest Lectures

As a progressive school, we always look for connections to the wider community and world. The Friday Extension Program reserves time for guest speakers to address the class.

Parents and friends come in to talk about their diverse career paths. Alumni students visit us to share advice about high school or college. If someone has a story to tell that may inspire a young person to find their path, we love to hear it!

Progressive school students look at flowers at grocery store.

Community Service

Our micro school works to mold caring, engaged community members. Middle School students in the Friday Extension take on community service projects together. Sometimes that means helping out on special projects around campus. Other times it means connecting with a community group like Hope Food Pantry or the Ronald McDonald House.

Whether we contribute with our time or our talent, the more we practice service together, the more ingrained the habit becomes in our lives.

Eighth grader gets help from teacher on his computer at homeschool coop.

Independent Projects

Middle school students dive deep into a topic of their choosing during Independent Project Time. Students conduct extensive research either independently or with a partner and produce a product to showcase their work during Portfolios on Parade.

With the teacher as guide, students are allowed the freedom to develop the study skills and learning methods that best suit them. They delve into topics of personal interest, from World War II aviation to M.C. Escher or Climate Change.

Friends laugh while working on computers at a part time school in Austin.

Peer Tutoring & Fun

Fridays are a great time to get tackle some of the weekly homework. Friday Extension students have the benefit of doing so with the support of their peers and teacher. Whether solving math problems, writing an essay, or reading a novel, working alongside your peers takes the edge off of homework.

At our micro school, the Middle School Friday Extension basically feels like hanging out with your friends. There’s meaningful work to be done, but the group is small and the pace is relaxed. Fun is always on the radar.

My favorite parts about AHB’s Middle School Friday Extension are helping students take charge of their own learning and guiding them on building independence.
Ms. Amanda – Friday Program Teacher
AHB Community School 8th grade teacher, Amanda Simpson

Choosing to Learn More

Not every student loves kickball. At AHB Community School, electives are just that: elective. Students can follow their interests and try yoga, photography or many other possibilities in the comfort of their community. When students have choice in their education, they choose to learn more.