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Weekly View of Why Students Love Learning at AHB

This Week in 2nd/3rd

Math Ms. Kelly’s math group has been working so hard on their Unit One learning that they officially wrapped it up with a post assessment and are ready for Unit Two, all about Place Value! This group has really enjoyed playing math games with partners – games are such an awesome way to reinforce our learning! They ended the week with a quick pre-assessment for Unit Two. Way to go, mathematicians! Ms. Skylar’s math group worked diligently on wrapping up their unit on Place Value, post assessments coming soon! The kids in this group have been LOVING shape challenges as […]

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This Week in K/1st

Be sure to check out our brand new AHB Library! You and your child can check out books before and after school until 3:30. We have some Alphas who are already familiar with the check-out system! Finley and Paxton’s family helped build shelves for the books and James’ mom, a real live librarian, organized! A big thank you to you all! This week in Our Big Backyard… This week we took the Way-Back Machine to learn about our baby Earth and how its crust rose from the water that covered our planet. Some of us remembered from last year that

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Energy and Music

The Gamma class had a special visitor this week. Ms. Lorrie’s friend brought her harp in to talk to the students about the science of sound energy. We always love having community experts (including our parents) sharing knowledge with our students, so if you or someone you know has experience that can enrich a Theme unit, please let our teachers know. Don’t limit yourself or your contacts to your own child’s classroom, here is what is being studied in Q1 across the school: Alpha — My Big Backyard (a nature study) Beta — Electricity & Magnetism Gamma — Energy Middle

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This Week in 6th/7th/8th

Math: For math this week the Zoomshroom (6th) students classified rational numbers into subsets. Then had a lesson on absolute value, and played a card game to practice what they just learned. The Shockwave (7th) class continued their hard work with adding and subtracting integers. They also extended that knowledge by adding and subtracting rational numbers. The algebra Redwoodz (8th) reviewed combining like terms and distributive property. Afterwards they solved a puzzle by simplifying expressions. The geometry Redwoodz were introduced to angle relationships and postulates, and used their new knowledge to solve a puzzle. By Dax ELA:  In ELA we

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