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Weekly View of Why Students Love Learning at AHB

This Week in K/1st

This Week in Our Big Backyard We traveled west! Along the way we stopped at the Llano Uplift and visited Enchanted Rock. We learned about the ancient geology of this place and how it’s part of what makes Texas special.  Next, we continued on into the Chihuahuan desert and found so many mountain ranges! Among the mountains we explored basins and canyons. We updated our state map as we went, using symbols for mountains and including the area’s major rivers, Pecos and Rio Grande. We began constructing our tiny West Texas world by laying down sandy, and at times rocky, […]

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Group of kids at part time school display drawings of foxes.

Middle School: Week of Jan 9

Math Zoomshrooms started the week with Stock Market Game time. We then moved on to complete a performance task about purchasing supplies for a lemonade stand. This allowed each pair to practice everything they learned in their ratio unit. Wednesday we finished the last lesson in our unit, measurement conversions. Thursday they played Find Someone Who to practice measurement conversions. Each student had to find someone who could complete a problem on their worksheet. Shockwave students spent Monday working on the Stock Market Game. One Shockwave group is currently in first place in the region! Tuesday they started their Geometry

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Private middle school kids sit in model of war trench as part of project based learning.

This Week in 4th/5th

Update It was a short week due to Monday’s MLK, Jr. holiday. We jumped right back in where we left off last week: circulatory system activities, long division, and spelling. Many of these tasks were new/challenging and we are really proud of the resilience Gammas displayed throughout the week and across all content areas. Memorable Moments The Gammas are spearheading an effort to support our campus-wide community project: a drive to support our weekly food pantry with personal hygiene items and pet food. You will receive more details about this drive next week, but the Gammas have put great creative

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Students at micro school in multiple photos doing math and ELA.

This Week in 2nd/3rd

Welcome back, Beta fam! We hope that you all had joyful and relaxing winter breaks. Y’all are in for an exciting quarter as we embark on our journey west. Adventure awaits!  Math What time is it?! MATH time! Ms.Kelly’s math group kicked off their week with a quick review of time to the nearest hour and half hour before leaping into time to the nearest minute. The kiddos warmed their brains up with a partner activity that required taking turns spinning a time and drawing the hands on the clock, partners needed to check their work before taking the next

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Kids at private school work at table together.

This Week in K/1st

This Week in Our Big Backyard We always start a new quarter off with our traditional round of Barnyard Babble, where Alphas discover who is on their new table team! This quarter we’re extending our study to the entire state of Texas, so we began by orienting ourselves by making a compass rose and learning about cardinal directions. Once we were familiar and resolved to Never Eat Soggy Waffles, we introduced the directions to our beloved peeps. They’ll be joining us on this tour of Texas! We started with Austin, and our hometown backyard – the Blackland Prairie. Next we

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Handmade owl project on display in basket at micro school.