Author name: Christa Spraggins

2nd/3rd: Week of Aug 28

Math – Ms. Andrea’s math crew “tallied the room” – including the number of buttons, fingers, and creepy crawlies, examined sequences of numbers to find their pattern and predict the next number in the sequence (skip counting by 2’s, 5’s & 10’s) and played a new game with a called 100 Frame Fill Up where they raced each other to reach 100 (exactly!), skip counting all the way there. Ms. Kelly’s math group is building their place value skills to the 100 thousands by playing partner games, practicing how to convert a number and write it with a different place …

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Second graders show off craft they made at progressive school.

K/1st: Week of Aug 28

What’s Inside Alphas! OUR BRAINS! This week we learned about how different parts of our brains keep us alive, safe, and healthy. There is one part of our brain we cannot do without – our medulla oblongata. It does a lot of things like keeps our hearts beating, lungs breathing, and organs running. It also receives messages from ALL over our body through our senses. Alphas explored the various ways our brains get information via our skin, eyes, mouths, noses, and ears. Testing our sense of sight… Testing our sense of touch… Testing our sense of smell… Testing our sense …

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Student covers eyes of other student for science experiment at STEM school.

Middle School: Week of Aug 21

The Delta Class has jumped into the new school year with both feet. We have had great activities and experiences. One of our annual activities for each class is to choose a class name and create a team poster, in Harry Potter style. The 6th Graders have become Da Sprouts; the 7th Graders are now the EverShrooms; and the 8th Graders chose the name Icebergs. These will be the class names going forward in our newsletters and communications. We are so excited about their choices!! Math: Da Sprouts’ first week was focused on negative numbers.They graphed, compared, and ordered positive …

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Middle schoolers form a bridge at social emotional learning school.

4th/5th: Week of Aug 21

General News Your P&P folders come home on Mondays and are due back the following Monday. The students participated in a mini-lesson over how to fill out their supplemental logs. This is a great task to hand over to Gammas! They are developmentally ready to learn how to self-organize and it is such great practice for the middle school transition. Remember–if your child needs a math boost you can visit to get short tutorial videos (and see our math scope/sequence!) Reading/Writing Update This week we started the writing workshop by learning about kernel sentences. Kernel sentences are short sentences …

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5th grader works at math board at STEM school.

2nd/3rd: Week of Aug 21

Math – Ms. Andrea’s math crew reviewed some number sense concepts this week, focusing on odd and even numbers, finding patterns on the hundreds chart and filling in missing numbers on a number line. Ms. Kelly’s math group is working so hard and are becoming masters of place value with really BIG numbers- to the 100 thousands place- using base 10, expanded and word forms. Literacy – The kids participate in many engaging activities on a daily basis, besides just reading, during Reading Workshop. For instance, we explicitly teach the kids the rules of the English language in order for …

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Second grader smiles while working on language arts at progressive school.