Our Community


Families play a large & vital role in the success of AHB. They share their time, knowledge, and talents in ways that make our program feel more like a community than a school. Though each family is required to provide 20 hours of service to the school per year, most parents choose to become more deeply involved in the AHB community. Parents & Family Members are always welcome to observe, join in, or eat lunch with our classes at any time and are often invited to the school for special presentations and celebrations.

AHB’s weekly schedule is designed not only to provide opportunities for off-campus learning and social contribution, but also to enhance the learning that goes on in the classroom. A 9:00am start time means that a child can wake up naturally and spend relaxing, quality time with his/her family before venturing off to school. Having a child’s mind and body ready to learn makes a big impact on his/her achievement and attitude towards learning.

AHB students have energy for life and family outside of school when the school day ends. Our schedule avoids the frantic mornings and cranky afternoons that are experienced by most school-aged children (and their parents) on a daily basis nine months out of the year. We have also created a school calendar which includes a one-week break every 4 to 6 weeks. This means families can travel at off-peak times and both students and teachers have a chance to rest, relax, and rejuvenate throughout the year.

AHB is a unique, creative program focusing on community. It is amazing how children can thrive when their curiosity is nurtured, their spirits are lifted, and their families are very involved!

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