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Weekly View of Why Students Love Learning at AHB

K/1st: Week of Sept 25

As Ms. Eliza and Ms. Kim careen towards the end of our first quarter, this week’s newsletter will be more of a visual re-cap of the week! Travel Buddies!!!! What’s Inside Alphas THIS WEEK! Our Digestive System! PLUS: A Visit from the Delta Class! Digestion is about BREAKING food down – and it all begins in the MOUTH! Alphas made observations of all they saw in their mouths… The tongue is might muscle; try to talk without it! Flossing not only rids your teeth of plaque and bacteria, it EXERCISES your gums! Saliva is mostly water, but it has helpful […]

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Kindergarten and first grade students use math manipulatives at hands on private school.

2nd/3rd: Week of Sept 25

Math This week, Ms. Andrea’s math group practiced skip counting, compared LOTS of numbers, and practiced breaking #’s down into expanded form and putting them back together in standard form. We also played a Teacher vs Students version of Place Value War, 5 In A Row, and a lively fishing game with our hungry alligators (really the greater than & less than symbols). Ms. Kelly’s math group spent the majority of the week reviewing everything they have learned over the last six weeks. They went on a place value review math hunt , finding and answering questions around the room

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Student creates paper mache ant at small private school in Austin.

4th/5th: Week of Sept 25

General News Don’t forget to sign-up for parent conferences on Monday, October 16th. To prepare, we’d love to have you answer a quick survey to let us know what Gamma topics you’d most like to focus on during the conference. (We will be doing a LOT of talking that day and want to be sure we stay focused on your most valued topics!) Reading/Writing Update At the beginning of the week we spent time learning the important art of getting and giving feedback as writers. We talked about the essence of creating a positive feedback culture in the classroom and

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Students learn about chemistry by mixing chemicals in hands on progressive micro school.

Middle School: Week of Sept 25

Math: Da Sprouts worked Monday through Wednesday on dividing fractions and applications of dividing fractions. On Thursday they started their first performance task. A performance task is a scenario they must tackle on their own without any notes and only slight assistance from me. This particular performance task was to adjust a given recipe to low fat, low carb, high protein, and smaller versions. EverShrooms worked all week on two-step equations. They solved some involving integers, they completed application problems, and wrote equations based on scenarios. Polar Bears started the week with a game of BINGO to practice solving equations.

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Boy working on his extinction project (a 3d dinosaur).

K/1st: Week of Sept 18

What’s Inside Alphas THIS WEEK! Our Travel Buddy visits shared a wealth of knowledge of how to care for our circulatory systems… “Shhh…Nobody move a muscle!” This is how our unit on our Muscular systems started…but some of our involuntary muscles were moving anyway – without us even thinking about it. Jumping off of the information we learned about our circulatory system we talked about our busiest muscle – our hearts. We worked on feeling for our pulse in our neck or our wrists to count the beats per minute. We had our own PE circuit workout session with stations

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First grader displays science project at progressive micro school.