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Weekly View of Why Students Love Learning at AHB

Middle School: Week of Jan 15

Math: During this short week Da Sprouts learned how to convert fractions to decimals to percents on Tuesday. Wednesday they learned how to use tape diagrams and proportions to solve percents. Thursday the complete task cards to review. Evershrooms focused on non-portional relationships this week. They learned how to represent them using verbal descriptions, equations, tables, and graphs. Polar Bears learned that the interior angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees. They used that fact to find missing angle measures and to solve equations. Tuesday, Mountain Lizards made a review booklet for the product, power, quotient, and negative […]

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Two eighth grade students work together at board at collaborative private school.

K/1st: Week of Jan 8

Our penguins chillin’ in the Peace Corner Alphas started Q3 off with new table team goals for the New Year! We are learning how to take responsibility for our team-environments and our team relationships. We will be taking on daily team-jobs and learning how to recognize conflict and how to respectfully deal with it! Table teams deciding who’s responsible for daily table jobs including… Pencils, Cans on and off, Sweeper, and Spray and Scrub… Pao and Leo spraying down their tables… Water, Water Everywhere! This week Alphas reviewed the essential things all living things need: air, water, and food. They

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Kindergarten student looks through magnifying glass at progressive school.

2nd/3rd: Week of Jan 8

Math – Ms. Andrea’s math group launched their time unit by creating a giant clock on the rug as well as their own clocks. We refreshed our memories of reading analog time by the half hour, quarter hour, counting by 5’s – down to the minute. We played partner games with dice and spinners for even more practice. Happy to report that it’s all coming back to us! This year we’ll focus on precision and tackle some more complicated story problems dealing with time. Ms. Kelly’s math group is wrapping up their multiplication strategies unit (Next week we begin division!)

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Second grade student practices physics concepts at STEM school.

4th/5th: Week of Jan 8

General News It was delightful to get the ol’ gang back together again following a nice, long break. We implemented a new routine to try: Tune-In and Tune-Out Tuesdays! During morning meeting, we’ll alternate between exploring an SEL power skill (Tune-IN! This week’s was “Be Kind to Your Mind!”) and musical performances (Tune-OUT! Kids can volunteer to play us a little diddy on Ms. Lorrie’s keyboard she purchased on impulse a month or so ago!) Reading/Writing Update Gammas came back from the break refreshed and ready to work hard! We needed to power through the final chapters of the The

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Fifth grade students study while laying on ground together at micro school.

Middle School: Week of Jan 8

Math: Da Sprouts started their new unit on percents this week. They learned a percent is always out of 100, how to model percents, and how to convert percents to fractions to decimals. As an extension activity students had to shade in a design on 9 different boxes only using red and blue. Once they had their design, they then had to estimate what percent of the box was red and what percent was blue. EverShrooms had lessons over the constant of proportionality, . They learned how to calculate from both tables and graphs. Polar Bears are learning all about

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Private middle school students collaborate while building car.