This Week in 4th/5th

We had a few absent Gammas this week (we missed you!) and otherwise had another great week of learning in Gamma-Land! It appeared we were all a little more settled into the routine which helped ease new Gammas out of the nervous phase and into a lighter, more relaxed place. Yay! We celebrated a few recess days indoors, due to rain. Overall,we’re noticing lots of interconnectedness between all Gammas and it really cool to watch our group dynamic evolve. Memorable Moments We started our class jobs (pictured in the photo montage!) along with a financial-based incentive system for helping boost motivation …

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This Week in Beta… Week of August 29, 2022

Math-  Ms. Kelly’s math group focused on tallys (Why do we learn to tally? Well, what a simple way to count ongoing results!  Bundles of 5 are much easier to count than individual marks.) as well as number sorting and counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s starting at any number.  Ms. Skylar’s math group tackled the big question “How can we decompose numbers in more than one way?” The kids applied their knowledge of place value to solve word problems and have begun to  practice ordering numbers up to 999,999. Both math groups play lots of math games as well.  …

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This Week in Alpha… Week of August 29, 2022

We had our first Wild Rumpus! And our first band practice… shared family photos… and ended our days with The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Table teams crafted and performed skits to teach each other about our classroom Agreements…like Lift each other UP! Mr. Mac is getting frustrated, “Show attentive listening, please!” Treat each other with RESPECT! We don’t HAVE to do the same thing, because we have the Right to Pass…  This week in Our Big Backyard… After our visit to the soil horizons, we moved on to the layers of Earth. First, we created an inner core, outer core, mantle and crust with our …

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Labor Day

AHB will be closed on Monday in observance of Labor Day. While you are enjoying the day with your families, we hope you’ll also take a little time to reflect on the many contributions of the American worker. Through their study of 19th century Reform Movements, our Middle Schoolers are beginning to gain an understanding of the harsh working conditions and low wages of factory workers in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Many immigrants, who came to America searching for a better life, risked their lives and freedoms fighting for reform and a better standard of living. We appreciate …

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Music Class Debut

Our second full week of school felt extra special as Beta, Gamma and Middle School students had their first music classes. Former educator and AHB parent, Emily G., is leading a music class, with Ms. Lauren’s assistance, and the students are having a blast! We encourage you to ask your students about this week’s class and also check out the new space when you visit the library.