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Weekly View of Why Students Love Learning at AHB

2nd/3rd: Week of Apr 8

Math – Ms. Andrea’s math group inspected quarters this week! We found the tails side to be very interesting – we found ones that honor states, a national park, and other interesting places. The Betas are getting pretty great at counting mixed coins. We also discussed spending and wants vs needs. We split into groups and solved several scenarios involving budgets, needs and wants. The Betas did a great job of cooperating, listening to each other and sharing the group responsibilities. Ms. Kelly’s math group kept plugging away at finding area and perimeter for those pesky rectilinear shapes with missing […]

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Third grade students proudly show off work at GT school.

4th/5th: Week of Apr 8

General News Reading/Writing Update We started the week off on Tuesday using our P&P to fuel discussion about our class novel! We then read one more article about the CROWN act and black hair discrimination in Texas before launching into writing some quick opinion pieces on the topic. This round of opinion writing was quicker because Ms. Ansley did the research (ā la pulling and sharing articles on the topic) and Gammas jumped into drafting on laptops right away. We tried to get these done in just three days and made pretty good progress! On Thursday we did a sorting

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African art that fourth grade students made displayed at project based school.

Middle School: Week of Apr 8

Math: Thank you to Ms. Christa who subbed for me on Tuesday and helped students with the Stock Market Game and logic problems. There was no math Wednesday or Thursday to make way for our yearly IOWA assessments. We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week! ELA: Students (and teachers) returned to school Tuesday morning excited to talk about the eclipse! At the beginning of the school day, they interviewed classmates about their eclipse experiences: Where did you watch? Who were you with? What interesting observations did you make? They recorded answers on a graphic organizer, but

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Middle school student holds writing assignment at private middle school.

Middle School: Week of Apr 1

Math: Everyone spent Monday working on the Stock Market Game. The game only has two weeks left! Tuesday, Da Sprouts worked on review stations and Wednesday they started a review worksheet for their upcoming check in. Evershrooms started a surface area project to build foil robots. They will complete their robots after the Iowa Assessments. Polar Bears worked with dilations on coordinate planes on Tuesday. With transformation lessons complete, they worked at identifying different transformations given clues on Wednesday. Mountain Lizards learned how to solve quadratics using both the square root method and by completing the square. Thursday everyone watched

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Two sixth grade boys recreate eclipse using household goods at progressive private school in Austin.

4th/5th: Week of Apr 1

General News Reading/Writing Update On Monday we started the week off reviewing our at-home study guides and going over the new vocabulary and questions for this week. We then read chapter 5 all together and answered some response questions and had a lively class discussion. On Tuesday we learned all about present-day Nigeria so that we can better compare and contrast the fantasy Nigeria from the book and modern day Nigeria. We learned about Nigeria’s economy, government, and farming and agriculture. We also got to use Google Earth to walk around Lagos (where Onyeka is headed in the book). On

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Fifth grade students work together at table at project based school.