2nd/3rd: Week of Sept 11

Math This week, Ms. Andrea’s math group warmed up their math minds by writing 3 digit numbers in standard form, solving a plethora of place value riddles! The kiddos have been building numbers into the thousands and also practiced identifying the value of a digit based on its placement, as well as decomposing large numbers by writing them in expanded form. This busy group also read and illustrated three and four digit numbers using place value blocks. They found that 0 can sometimes be an important placeholder in a number. Ms. Kelly’s math group took all of their knowledge of …

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Middle School: Week of Sept 5

Math: Da Sprouts completed their last lesson for the Numerical Representation unit on Tuesday which was over absolute value and opposites. On Wednesday they completed a review over the entire unit. EverShrooms worked on multiplying and dividing integers and rational numbers. Polar Bears compared and ordered real numbers on Tuesday and learned how to write numbers in scientific notation on Wednesday. Mountain Lizards had a lesson over solving multi-step inequalities on Tuesday and spent Wednesday catching up on activities they may not have completed. Thursday was an exciting start for the Stock Market Game (SMG)! This year Da Sprouts and …

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4th/5th: Week of Sept 5

General News We look forward to seeing you next week at Parent Night on the 13th! In preparation for that event, we’d love to recruit your feedback on this super snappy check-in. It will allow us to tailor our presentation to your needs! Thank you for taking a minute to tell us about your initial experience this school year. Our surprise cake party and class book for Ms. Lorrie’s birthday on Thursday was a sweet success! The Gammas did an amazing job collaborating and keeping the surprise under wraps until the very last minute! Reading/Writing Update This week in writing …

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Students work together on project at progressive school in Austin.

2nd/3rd: Week of Sept 5

Math Ms. Andrea’s math group reviewed the concepts of part/part/whole and greater than/less than in preparation for an end of Unit 1 assessment! They also deconstructed 20 items inside (part/part) hoola hoops, played several joyous rounds of War, completed a Unit 2 pre- assessment, and then launched the unit by practicing counting ten rods into the hundreds place! Unit 1 math work & assessments will be sent home on Monday. Ms. Kelly’s math crew continued their practice of ordering big and REALLY BIG numbers from least to greatest and greatest to least, compared two numbers and then read the statement …

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Studying snail and lettuce in project based learning second grade class.

K/1st: Week of Sept 5

This week in Alpha… 9/5-9/7 After 3 weeks of construction, catastrophe, and collaboration, an Alpha Paper Tower withstood Tropical Storm Ms. Kim (aka a hair blower)!!! Alphas shared their Travel Buddy Adventures with the class and shared some fabulous information about how they take care of their brains! What’s Inside Alphas THIS WEEK! OUR Bones! We investigated our skeletal system and learned that there are two different types of bones – the protectors (axial) and the movers (appendicular). We celebrated the beauty of our craniums by creating Dia de los Muertos Skulls, playing with the symmetrical nature of our bodies …

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Child point at book with teacher.