This Week in 4th/5th

Week 5 Update The week went quickly in the Gamma room. We took a deep-dive into electricity and circuitry and it was really cool to see kids gravitate towards these topics. We talked as a team how teachers are noticing an end-of-week energy that is leading to students needing more redirection come Thursday. We asked Gammas to see about putting a little extra energy into staying tuned-in to class on our last day of the week together, and they did an excellent job rising to the challenge. Overall, we saw lots of examples of grit and perseverance this week, especially …

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Students having fun learning at school

This Week in 2nd/3rd

Math What a week! Ms. Kelly’s math group had a math-tastic time learning about and playing games related to place value. These Betas used hundreds charts to order three and four digit numbers from least to greatest. It sure is fun to play games against your teacher – this time Ms. Kelly won! These mathletes closed out their week with subtraction word problems in the hundreds using base ten blocks and they even balanced numbers with bears – how cool is that?! Ms. Skylar’s math group focused on reviewing everything that they covered in unit 1, in preparation for their …

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students playing math games together

This Week in K/1st

A note about next week: We’ve got lots going on! Our first field trip (to a neighborhood fire house) after lunch on Wednesday and a picnic at Shipe Park on Thursday! Please wear walking shoes and be sure to pack your water bottle… In Our Big Backyard… We learned about another landform: plateaus! We built some using teamwork. Next, we looked at the Edwards Plateau specifically. We learned that it was uplifted by tectonic plates ~100 million years ago – when the area was covered by an ocean. It’s composed largely of limestone, which forms in shallow water when water …

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girl learning about nature

This Week in 6th/7th/8th

Math The stars aligned this week, because all four math classes took their first check-ins! Zoomshrooms also finished up their “Integers In Real Life” art pieces, signed them, and displayed them on the wall. In between check-ins, Shockwave completed error analysis task cards. Each task card showed the work of a pretend student. Unfortunately, the pretend student did each problem wrong and Shockwave students had to find the error. Before Algebra students took their check-ins, they were introduced to how to graph and solve inequalities. Then, finally, geometry students completed their city blueprint of Harold’s. They will be completing the …

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Teacher helping student wear banner

This Week in 4th/5th

Week 4 Update We had a busy (yet, great) week in Gamma! We started the week off celebrating Eric’s birthday (11) which is such a fun, festive way to start a new week. In class, we focused much of our efforts on helping students acclimate to the scientific method to hopefully help your family feel better supported as you begin working on Science Fair projects at home. We ended the week with a paper airplane experiment (complete with flying ‘trials’ in the chapel.) We’ll be sure to include photos in next week’s update. Memorable Moments We finally finished our first …

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Kids learning and playing games at micro school