K/1st: Week of 5/6

What a beautiful way to begin Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank You, Alphas! Around the World in 60 Days… This week we traveled to the “land down under!” Alphas learned that Australia is not only a continent, it is a country! It is also an island. We mapped its climatic features and figured that water might be a very important resource for people living there, because so much of the continent is desert. Alphas already knew some special creatures that call Australia “home,” but we learned why Australia is home to SO many unusual ones! It turns out that back when […]

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Kindergarten students work on projects at STEM school.

K/1st: Week of 4/29

This week in Alpha… Peas in a pod (thanks Ms. Andrea for capturing this pic)! Around the World in 60 Days… We traveled to Asia, Earth’s largest continent, this week. We found the oldest and deepest lake (lake Bikhal in Russia), the highest mountain Sagamatha or Mt. Everest, the Gobi desert with its last herd of wild bactrian camels, and a sea that has not a living plant or animal and 10x the amount of salt in the ocean – the Dead Sea – all unique to Asia. And that 4.75 billion people live on the continent. That’s 4 billion

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Kindergarten student reads book to class at GT school.

K/1st: Week of 4/22

This week in Alpha… All shirts are potential AHB shirts!!! Around the World in 60 Days… This week Alphas visited the second largest continent in the world: AFRICA. We plotted our maps with climate information and topography – we plotted the world’s longest river, the Nile, as well as Africa’s highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro. We learned that Africa is called the birthplace of humanity – so all the Paleoindian people who inhabited North America, had ancestors that originated in Africa. The original humans lived in Africa for thousands of years. They didn’t create boundaries and borders of Africa’s 54 countries

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Kindergarten kids having fun outdoors at part time school in Austin.

K/1st: Week of Apr 15

Rainy days and Tuesdays, never get us down… Around the World in 60 Days… We headed to Europe this week! Visiting the second smallest continent we discovered that the Ural Mountains separate Europe from Asia. And as we detailed our own maps we saw that there are several seas with interesting names that surround a good part of the westward jutting peninsulas. Names such as Caspian Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea.. We listened to the story of The Littlest Matryoshka – all about the beautiful Big sister doll who carries her little sisters within her. We looked at what traditional,

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Private kindergarten student writes math on board at school with small class sizes.

K/1st: Week of Apr 8

We learned how shoes can become handy dandy pencil holders… …and so can upper lips! Around the World in 60 Days… We celebrated the world’s fourth largest continent of South America by learning about some of its magnificent natural wonders, games children in South America play, and the special treat on Thursday of Gabriel’s mom, Laura, sharing what it was like growing up in Rio Grande do Sol region of Brazil. Laura brought with her a cup of traditional matte chimayo… She shared that gauchos and ranching are a large part of life in the southern part of Brazil, so

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Kindergarten student uses playing cards to learn math at STEM school.