K/1st: Week of Sept 18

What’s Inside Alphas THIS WEEK! Our Travel Buddy visits shared a wealth of knowledge of how to care for our circulatory systems… “Shhh…Nobody move a muscle!” This is how our unit on our Muscular systems started…but some of our involuntary muscles were moving anyway – without us even thinking about it. Jumping off of the information we learned about our circulatory system we talked about our busiest muscle – our hearts. We worked on feeling for our pulse in our neck or our wrists to count the beats per minute. We had our own PE circuit workout session with stations …

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First grader displays science project at progressive micro school.

K/1st: Week of Sept 11

What’s Inside Alphas THIS WEEK! Our Travel Buddy Visits taught us a LOT about how we can take care of our BONES! Helmets protect our skulls when Leo and Bun Bun moved their long and short bones AND we ride bikes or skate! we learned that Leo actually BROKE a bone in his foot! Rowan showed Willow how she pounds calcium to her Graham and Garciano taught us about bones by doing Jiu jitzu! eating healthy foods for our bones! AND Pao shared his adventures with Buoyant and taught us that leafy greens and delicious beans are a great way …

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Kindergarten students use water to learn about blood at progressive microschool.

K/1st: Week of Sept 5

This week in Alpha… 9/5-9/7 After 3 weeks of construction, catastrophe, and collaboration, an Alpha Paper Tower withstood Tropical Storm Ms. Kim (aka a hair blower)!!! Alphas shared their Travel Buddy Adventures with the class and shared some fabulous information about how they take care of their brains! What’s Inside Alphas THIS WEEK! OUR Bones! We investigated our skeletal system and learned that there are two different types of bones – the protectors (axial) and the movers (appendicular). We celebrated the beauty of our craniums by creating Dia de los Muertos Skulls, playing with the symmetrical nature of our bodies …

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Child point at book with teacher.

K/1st: Week of Aug 28

What’s Inside Alphas! OUR BRAINS! This week we learned about how different parts of our brains keep us alive, safe, and healthy. There is one part of our brain we cannot do without – our medulla oblongata. It does a lot of things like keeps our hearts beating, lungs breathing, and organs running. It also receives messages from ALL over our body through our senses. Alphas explored the various ways our brains get information via our skin, eyes, mouths, noses, and ears. Testing our sense of sight… Testing our sense of touch… Testing our sense of smell… Testing our sense …

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Student covers eyes of other student for science experiment at STEM school.

K/1st: Week of Aug 21

What’s Up with Alphas! Welcome to our NEWSLETTER! Alphas hit the ground running! We started getting to know each other through games and activities where we had to collaborate, come to consensus, and share resources. We had thoughtful conversations regarding building the best class ever by agreeing to: We ALSO started learning about our bodies, starting with our BRAINS! We learned where it lives, what it is made of, and how heavy it is. We also talked about the part of our brain that keeps us alive and protects us by giving us reflexes: the medulla oblongata! AND, on top …

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Kindergarteners stand proudly by their project at progressive school