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AHB’s progressive middle school prepares students for a lifetime of learning and community engagement. But first comes high school!

A primary goal of our middle school program is to prepare students for the high school of their choice. Our students graduate AHB with the confidence, autonomy, and skills required to be successful in a variety of school settings. Whether they go on to another private school, a specialized magnet school or academy, or their neighborhood public high school, our students have proven success as they move beyond our micro school community.

AHB teachers and administration help keep families abreast of high school choices and application deadlines. We have been sending our graduates on to high school for nearly 20 years, so we are well versed in documenting our program and helping schools understand our non traditional grade structure. Being accredited makes the transition even easier, as AHB is able to grant high school credit in advanced courses (Algebra 1 & Geometry).

The campuses below offer specialized programs that our students transition into comfortably. In 2022, 100% of AHB 8th graders were accepted into the high school of their choice, including LASA.

Middle school students learning critical thinking through chess.

Programs Our Graduates Typically Attend

My son Ian started in 2010 at AHB as a first year alpha. I loved the caring and compassionate teachers and the shortened school week. AHB recognizes that there is much more to childhood than school and that children need the time and flexibility to develop socially and emotionally. It was the perfect environment for my son for the first six years of school. As a community centered school I was able to be involved in the school and felt like it helped my son to know that his parent was around and present more.

Ian is now a senior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy and is in the top 10 percent of his class. I know that the important formative early years he spent at AHB helped to make him into the confident, self motivated student he is today. His brother Evan is graduating this year from 8th grade at AHB after 9 years there. AHB will always have a special place in our family’s lives. 
– Henry Shih OD, MD
Middle School students working on STEM project.

Success Requires More Than Memorization

To lead fulfilling lives, students must learn to think critically, challenge themselves, and connect with others . AHB Community School offers a progressive education where students learn higher-order skills and are driven by improvement and inspiration instead of stress. Further, our program fosters social-emotional learning and a sense of belonging. When students love learning and are confident and connected, they will succeed in any passion they pursue.